Both The Florida New Times And MFI-Miami Think Pam Bondi Is The Worst AG In Florida History

Pam Bondi in underwear
Florida AG Pam Bondi showing some skin at an public event last year

ICYMI – The New Times ran a great article about Florida AG Pam Bondi. Chris Joseph shows eight examples of how Bondi is the worst AG in Florida’s 195 years of statehood.

“(Bondi) was pretty fired up to attack the Affordable Care Act from all sides with the passion of a fat guy at an all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurant”

Like most articles in the New Times, you know it’s going to be something juicy as soon as you read the first sentence and Chris Joseph doesn’t disappoint:

Rick Scott seems to be a big target when it comes to the majority of Floridians fed up with the way things are run down here. Will that vitriol be enough to oust Scott in the election come November? Time (and the ballots) will tell. But another key figure is also running for re-election come November. Someone who has done just as much damage to Florida as Scott has, albeit with a more pretty face.

The eight examples Joseph gives are just downright scary. Bondi shut down the foreclosure fraud investigations initiated by her predecessor, Bill McCollum. She and Governor Rick Scott also pushed for tax breaks for Robo-signing mill, Lender Processing Services. LPS was under investigation by her office.

Direct tv puppet wife 2
Is Pam Bondi a political version of the Direct TV puppet wife?

There was also all the campaign cash she raised for the Florida Republican Party. She lobbied the banking and real estate lobby hard. Especially the firms who have considerable interest in kicking people out of their homes.

Bondi’s performance has been horrifically awful. She has done nothing but occupy a chair and raise money for the GOP. She is nothing more than a marionette for deep-pocketed special interests. Special interests who want to rape Florida like a horde of rabid Vikings. Unfortunately, most Florida voters can’t see past here Barbie doll looks.

You can read the New Times article here.

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