After Spending $800K Of His Own Money And With 60 Days Before The Primary David Trott Is Down 12%



Financial Terrorist and Foreclosure Fraudster, El Gringo Bandito, David Trott
Financial Terrorist and Foreclosure Fraudster, El Gringo Bandito David Trott. Photo courtesy of

Looks like Congressman Kerry Bentivolio will be playing El Jarabe Tapatio while stomping on the political carcass of foreclosure fraudster and financial terrorist El Gringo Bandito David Trott on August 6th.

Last month, I wrote about how David Trott and his Monty Burns style congressional campaign staff are sinking fast. Now, we have the numbers to prove it.

According to a tweet from the MIRS newswire out of Michigan, with roughly 60 days to go before the GOP Primary, incumbent Congressman and Tea Party favorite, Kerry Bentivolio is leading Trott by 12% with 46% of likely GOP Primary voters undecided according to the MIRS tweet.

After raising $1 million to Bentilovio’s $150,000, Trott trailing by 12 points 60 days before an election shows Trott’s campaign for congress is a serious train wreck. According Trott’s campaign website, his staff openly brags about how much money they have but what they don’t tell you is that 85% of the money came from David Trott.

Trott hired the who’s who of GOP political consultants in Michigan including Stu Sandler, who was campaign manager for former skirt chasing Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox and is also a paid propagandist for the Koch Brothers’ faux nonprofit, Americans For Prosperity.

Former AG Cox received nearly $15,000 in campaign contributions from Trott and the lawyers in his firm and in return for Trott’s generousity, Cox gave Trott’s wife Kappy a job at the Attorney General’s office while she kept working for the title companies run by her and David. Two jobs she still has today thanks to large campaign checks to current AG Bill Schuette by her husband.

Trott’s campaign manager is GOP propagandist Megan Piwowar. Piwowar was Communications Director for Pennsylvania GOP Senate Candidate Tom Smith in 2012. You may remember him, he was the militant pro-life knucklehead who told the media that a woman having a baby as a result of rape was no worse than a baby conceived out of wedlock. After this media nightmare, Smith lost to incumbent Bob Casey, Jr.

GOP Governor John Engler Propagandist, John Truscott of Truscott Rossman fame has also allegedly been brought on in an attempt to transform Trott’s image from one of the most hated men in Michigan to that of a job creating messiah. Truscott told the MIRS Newswire last month that Trott needs to tell success stories and he attempts to do that with his new ad:

However, what Trott fails to tell you in this ad is that the two title companies he “saved”, Phillip Greco Title and Stewart Title were already having financial problems that were not the result of the recession. Both Stewart and Greco’s problems were to poor management decisions and failure by their respective management teams to embrace 21st century technology like post- Winows 3.1 computers. The downturn in the economy just hastened Greco’s demise and gave Trott an opportunity to swoop in and gobble them up Gordon Gekko style.

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