Detroit’s Creditors Claim The City Is Too Dangerous For Judge Rhodes To Tour

Deadline Detroit

As if some of the holdout creditors needed to generate less goodwill in the city.

Now this.

Robert Snell of the Detroit News reports that three holdout creditors — Assured Guaranty Municipal Corp., Berkshire Hathaway Assurance Corp. and Financial Guaranty Insurance Corp. —  are trying to block U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes from taking a tour of the city.

Snell writes that they’re concerned security could be jeopardized if the route through one of the country’s most dangerous cities is publicized in advance.

On Tuesday, in court briefs, creditors’ attorneys asked Rhodes to scrap the tour, arguing it’s not only potentially dangerous, but is irrelevant and unprecedented, the News reports. The city attorneys want the tour to give the judge perspective on what he’s dealing with.

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