Gubernatorial Candidate Picks Sister Of Foreclosure Mill Operator Who Commits Illegal Foreclosures As Running Mate


Likely Democratic Michigan Gubernatorial Candidate Mark Schauer
Likely Democratic Michigan Gubernatorial Candidate Mark Schauer

Likely Democratic Michigan Gubernatorial Candidate Mark Schauer’s campaign announced yesterday that Schauer has picked Oakland County Clerk/Register of Deeds, Lisa Brown as his running mate in the upcoming November election against Republican Governor Rick Snyder.

As anyone who follows the MFI-Miami blog knows, I have helped dozens of homeowners battle Brown’s brother Randall S. Miller and his multi-state foreclosure mill, Randall S. Miller and Associates to keep homeowners in their homes on at least a two dozen occasions. I am currently working with at least three homeowners battling Miller’s office for filing bogus vacancy affidavits on public record against people who are fighting their foreclosures and who are still residing in their homes.

As I have been writing about for nearly two years, Miller’s firm has also been involved in multiple cases of robo-signing documents on the public record throughout Michigan that were allegedly created by their employees and by their mortgage clients.

Like other foreclosure mills in Michigan, Miller’s office also actively engages in “Dual Tracking”. In a Dual Tracking situation, a foreclosure mill and their mortgage servicer client tease a homeowner with the carrot of a loan modification or another way to save their home while quietly greasing the gears of the legal system to kick the homeowner out of their home.

Miller’s firm like his Oakland County counterparts, Orlans Associates and Trott & Trott, Miller’s firm resembles a car dealership more than it does a law firm.  Like a car dealership that gets paid for the amount of cars they push off the lot, foreclosure mills get paid based on the volume of foreclosures they can perform in any given quarter.  This is why homeowners face countless issues with robo-signing and notary fraud from these foreclosure mills.

Oakland County Clerk/Register of Deeds Lisa Brown
Oakland County Clerk/Register of Deeds Lisa Brown

Randall Miller covers foreclosures in multiple states but unlike Linda Orlans and David Trott who have raised nearly $250,000 for Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette and the Michigan Republican Party, Miller didn’t need to throw money around like Rich Uncle Moneybags to have an impact on legislation.  Up until Brown’s election as Oakland County Clerk/Register of Deeds in 2012, Brown served in the Michigan Legislature where she sat on the Judiciary Committee. On the Judiciary Committee she acted as her brother’s ace-in-the-hole to help him and other foreclosure mill operators derail homeowner friendly legislation in the house. Both Brown and Miller were able to keep this out of the public eye until MFI-Miami exposed it in the summer of 2012.

What’s even worse is Lisa Brown knew about her brother’s questionable activities as far back as 2011 as member of the Michigan House Judiciary Committee and did nothing. How do I know she know she knew? Because I told her point blank in the conference room of her husband’s office before I knew Randall Miller was her brother. Her husband, Brian Parker  is a foreclosure defense attorney who battles Miller’s firm on almost a weekly basis and sees the exact same things what I see. Dozen of her constituents in her old West Bloomfield House District contacted her office begging for help dealing with Miller’s office.  The Michigan Democratic Party has been aware of who Brown’s brother is and his business practices as far back as 2011 and they chose to ignore it or deflect the issue.

Sure, the members of Central Committee of the Michigan Democratic Party and Brown’s supporters will respond to Randall Miller’s behavior as they did with previous articles about Brown and her brother helping finance her political career by saying, “Well, everyone has an idiot brother or sister.”

Everyone having an idiot family member may be true to a certain extent but not everyone has a brother running a multi-million dollar multi-state foreclosure mill that files fraudulent documents with counties throughout Michigan like Brown. For nearly three years both Brown and the Michigan Democratic Party have dodged any questions related to her brother’s foreclosure mill and his connection to her campaigns.

Brown’s selection creates a serious handicap for the MDP in November because it now prevents Democratic candidates around Michigan from talking about the lingering housing crisis that plagues Michigan and how foreclosure mill operators and major GOP contributors Linda Orlans and David Trott are profiting from it.

On the congressional level it also handicaps the energetic and smart Bobby McKenzie. McKenzie gives the Democrats the best shot of winning the 11th Congressional District they have had in 20 years.  If Foreclosure Mill operator David Trott beats current Tea Party Congressmen Kerry Bentivolio in the August GOP primary, the Michigan GOP will throw Randall Miller in McKenzie’s face as soon as he utters Trott and illegal foreclosures.

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