Con-Edison Is Forcing People To Choose Between Freezing To Death Or Being Homeless

Con-EdisonAs people in the New York metropolitan area began breathing a sigh of relief from brutal winter that has plagued most of the U.S. for the past five months, they were thrown into shock when they opened their Con-Edison bills this week to find that their bill increased by 200-300%.

“It’s clear that now is not the time for Con Edison to demand that its customers pay more,” -New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

From the Hudson Valley to Long Island, people were talking about the increase of their Con-Ed bills. Homeowners were streaming into MFI-Miami’s New York office scared of what would happen if they paid their Con-Ed bills over their mortgage payment. Many New York homeowners saw their bills double from $300 to over $650. Wives and single mothers in mortgage modifications fear they will be homeless because they can’t afford to pay both.

One restaurant owner in Warwick, New York, almost collapsed when he opened his bill which had jumped from $1500 to $2500.

Last year, in their request for a 5% increase, Con-Ed stated the increases were necessary in order to improve infrastructure for future storms.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo fought the 5% increase last fall by lobbying the New York State Public Service Commission to deny Con-Ed’s request for the rate hikes following their horrendous response to Hurricane Sandy.

“Given the historically low interest rates and the economic and income growth forecasts, such investments can be made without the rate increase requested by the utility. Maintaining stable rates and indeed, lowering rates whenever feasible, is critical to supporting our economic recovery and creating jobs in the region,” 

Its still unclear how Con-Ed was able to bypass the PSC with such an abominable increase but one thing is for certain, Con-Ed is forcing people to choose between freezing to death or being kicked out of their homes for the sake of profit and to cover their ass for their clumsy response to Hurricane Sandy,

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