Creditors Battle It Out Over Who Can Foreclose On Rapper DMX’s NY Home

DMX's mugshot from his February 2013 arrest for driving without a license
DMX’s mugshot from his February 2013 arrest for driving without a license

Rapper DMX aka Earl Simmons has been living his house since 2009 for free. Apparently, he had been dodging the process server from Compass Bank. Compass Bank had been trying to foreclose on his New York Mansion since 2009.

I thought this was going to be an easy blog to write while sitting on the boat in Delray Beach. I was wrong. It was a little more complicated. I researched this case in the New York court database. I discovered this case is not a simple case of a rapper dodging a process server. Nor is it a story of him mooching off a bank for nearly 5 years.

Court records indicate Compass Bank who acquired the $495,000 mortgage from Nationstar. Nationstar acquired the mortgage from MERS acting as the nominee for MetroCiti Mortgage. MetroCiti originated the loan in January of 2004.

Compass Bank also named several of DMX’s creditors as defendants in the complaint. Amusing Diversions is one of the creditors who received a $200,000 judgment against the rapper in 2009. DMX allegedly failed to promote their clothing line for dogs at his public events. They are also coming to the rapper’s defense.

Not only is Amusing Diversions trying to block the foreclosure so they can get their $200,000 which in itself is not all that unusual but they are also making some startling claims that would invalidate the loan and allow DMX to live in the house indefinitely.

Amusing Diversions is claiming that in their 2009 judgment against the rapper, the judge ruled that any title transfers or conveyances of the property after 1999 were void ab initio.  They claim that the mortgage falls under that jurisdiction of that ruling.

Amusing Diversions also alleges that DMX fraudulently held properties in Manhattan and that three of DMX’s former attorneys were pursuing the whereabouts of the rapper’s assets.


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