Michigan Treasurer Andy Dillon's battles with alcohol have become a statewide embarrassment.
Former Michigan Treasurer Andy Dillon’s battles with alcohol forced him to resign after becoming a  statewide embarrassment.

Dillon still collecting full salary 2 months after resignation

Paul Egan, Detroit Free Press

More than two months after he resigned amid controversy, former Michigan Treasurer Andy Dillon is still on the state payroll at his full $174,204 salary, an official confirmed late Tuesday.

Dillon started Nov. 1 — the day his resignation as treasurer became effective — as a senior adviser to Treasurer Kevin Clinton. Treasury Department spokesman Terry Stanton said.

“As noted during the announcement of Treasurer Clinton’s appointment, Mr. Dillon assisted Mr. Clinton with transition issues and has been working on local government fiscal issues,”: Stanton said.

His job is expected to continue for the next four to six weeks, Stanton said.

Gov. Rick Snyder, in announcing Dillon’s resignation on Oct. 11, said Dillon would assist the incoming treasurer with transition issues. But he made no mention of Dillon retaining a full-time salary.

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