Mitch Albom Saved 101-Year Old Widow’s Home After David Trott’s Goons Threw Her To The Curb Like Trash

Author Mitch Albom and Texana Hollis after he helped her get her house back and renovated it for her.
Author Mitch Albom and Texana Hollis after he helped her get her house back.

Texana Hollis, who was 101 years old when Michigan foreclosure king and congressional candidate, David Trott evicted from her home 15 months ago in the dead of night and freezing rain over an unpaid $60 tax bill, has passed away.

Mrs. Hollis eviction received international attention when her mortgage servicer paid David Trott’s law firm, Trott & Trott to evict her from her southeast Detroit home she had live in for nearly a half a century over a $60 tax bill.

Unbeknownst to Mrs. Hollis, her son fell delinquent on a reverse mortgage on the home they shared.  Her son had negotiated a deal with FHA and HUD (who underwrite reverse mortgages) to let her stay in the home in return for paying the taxes.

When their mortgage servicer found out a tax bill had not been paid, they hired Trott and his army of lawyers to evict Ms. Hollis and her son.

On September 12, 2011, they knocked down the door and tossed Mrs. Hollis’ belongings to the curb and wheeled her out of her house in her wheel chair and left her on the curb next to the trash.

Within hours word of Mrs. Hollis’ eviction hit Detroit media, her story spread around the world and ordinary citizens began expressing their outrage that Americans and the U.S. government would allow this to happen to a 101 year old woman.

Soon every politician from President Obama to Wayne County Treasurer Raymond Wojtowicz were dodging an army of international journalists and tens of thousands of angry voters.

Finally after throwing up the white flag, HUD officials agreed to let Mrs. Hollis return to the home but they wanted the house which had sanitary and structural problems brought up to code.

Detroit Free Press columnist and author Mitch Albom and his charity,  S.A.Y. Detroit purchased the house from HUD and brought the house up to code and even rehabilitated it to accommodate Mrs. Hollis’ wheel chair.  Thanks to the work of about 100 volunteers, the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries and Tamer Builders of Dearborn, a tearful Mrs. Hollis moved back into the house in time for Thanksgiving.

Mrs. Hollis’ eviction has been such a major black eye for David Trott, who is currently running for congress in Detroit’s northwest suburbs, that Trott’s campaign spokesman, Stu Sandler who believes he’s the Michigan GOP’s answer to Frank Lutz, had to spin this line of bullshit to Mother Jones magazine two weeks ago, “Dave Trott represents clients who don’t want to foreclose on people if they can avoid it. The firm works on loan modifications, they work on short sales. No one wants to foreclose on people, but that’s part of the economy we live in.”

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