Bank of America To Replace Local Tellers With Low-Wage Video Conferenced Tellers

Meet your new local BofA bank teller in Mumbai, India
Meet your new local Bank of America teller who is talking to you from Mumbai, India

In the past three months, Bank of America has quietly been replacing their ATM machines with models that allow for video conferencing. At first glance, it appears Bank of America did this to make their ATM customers feel all warm and fuzzy.

“Too often, man becomes clever instead of becoming wise, he becomes inventive but not thoughtful and sometimes, he can create himself right out of existence.-Rod Serling

Unfortunately, there is another reason and it’s not so warm and fuzzy. BofA wants to say good-bye to sweet old Marge. She has dutifully managed the drive-thru window at the local Bank of America branch by your house for years. Marge worked at the branch when it was a locally owned bank. She was there when you opened an account for your son who is now a parent of a teenager. Instead, say hello to Manoj in Mumbai, India or Keshia in Orlando, Florida.

Yes, BofA, the bank founded by a mafioso loan shark named Amadeo Pietro Giannini is replacing sweet old Marge with a low wage employee from a low wage state like Florida (here’s an actual job application for an opening in Jacksonville, Florida) who will connect with you via video conferencing using a modified ATM machine. There is even talk at Bank of America that management wants to outsource these call centers to India or China. You know, the places where people are more than eager to work for $1.00 an hour.

Obviously, Brian Moynihan and other BofA executives never watched Rod Serling’s prophetic 1964 Twilight Zone episode, “The Brain Center at Whipples” where a greedy businessman replaces all his employees with machines in order to maximize profits.

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