Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin & Rand Paul Are Only Tea Party Puppets Exploiting The Stupidity Of Their Followers


“A coup consists of the infiltration of a small but critical segment of the state apparatus, which is then used to displace the government from its control of the remainder.” –Edward Luttwak, Coup d’Etat: A Practical Handbook

Canadian citizen and son of a Castro supporter, US Senator Rafael Eduardo Cruz
Canadian citizen and son of a supporter of Fidel Castro, US Senator Rafael Eduardo Cruz

One of the benefits of having an advanced education that most Tea Party types consider “Liberal Indoctrination”  is that you have to read lots of interesting books that allow you to shoot down bullshit usually from the far-right and corporate elitists in this country who play on the fears of the uneducated and the vulnerable in order to enrich themselves.

When I was in Advanced Placement American History in high school during the Reagan years, we were required to read Sinclair Lewis’ 1935 masterpiece, “It Can’t Happen Here” about a fascist take over of the United States. It tells the story of a a charismatic and power-hungry U.S. Senator Berzelius “Buzz” Windrip, who runs for President of the United States as a champion of patriotism and traditional American values. Windrip plays on the fears of the ignorant and uneducated by claiming that only with restoring patriotism and traditional values will the United States return to prosperity and greatness.

Windrip through his cohorts trains and arms a paramilitary force called the Minute Men, to enforce the policies of Windrip and his “corporatist” regime by terrorizing citizens and painting Windrop’s opponents as Communists or enemies of “freedom”.

Sound familiar? It’s the same rhetoric and actions of people like former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (whose husband, Todd was once part of the Militia movement), Senators Rafael Eduardo Cruz aka Ted Cruz and Rand Paul use on cable news to rile up their base and why you see so many Tea Party members calling President Obama a Communist, Muslim or a Nazi on any given day.

Josh Barro at Business Insider points out that people like Cruz and Paul con their constituencies into feeling like aggrieved minorities, seeing themselves as under attack by the establishment. This then makes them vulnerable to hucksters like Cruz, Paul and to certain extent Sarah Palin, because they begin disregarding outside warnings and evidence that they are being conned.

The deep pocketed puppet masters who started the Tea Party and who still pull the strings exploit the naivete and fears of the rank and file members enlist the aid of then prominent Republicans like John Boehner.  In 2010, they dangled the carrot of the House Speakership with financial aid from the faux non-profit, FreedomWorks run by Boehner’s pal former Congressman Dick Armey. FreedomWorks was and is financed by people like the Koch Brothers and others who had a vested interest in dismantling consumer protections, health care, the EPA, and other federal regulations.

Racist rhetoric of the Tea Party
Racist rhetoric and horrible spelling of the Tea Party

Armey, a 21st century version of Windrip used the power of FreedomWorks and it’s donors to form alliances with not only his former naive and power hungry Republicans colleagues in congress but right-wing shock jocks like Mark Levin and Glenn Beck. Levin and Beck and others were brought in to rile up the conservative talk radio crowd to make them believe they are under attack by the scary black man who in the White House who they painted as a closet Nazi-Communist-Muslim who is planning to use his legions of soldiers from the United Nations to lock people up in FEMA camps and take away their guns. For the record and contrary to what the Tea Partiers believe, the UN does not have an army and doesn’t want to take your guns.

Mark Levin, who was Chief of Staff to disgraced Reagan Attorney General Edwin Meese, has even taken his hyperbole one step further with a loony idea to rewrite the Constitution to eliminate all government programs he feels are “liberal” by proposing that two-thirds of the states meet for a constitutional convention to pass amendments to the Constitution because,  “I don’t care if no senator or no member of Congress supports this, we bypass them.  That’s the entire purpose of this project. If you have one out-of-control Supreme Court, one out-of-control Congress and one out-of-control president, there’s no where to go!”

Tea Party Puppet Masters exploited Sarah Palin's "hotness" to get people riled up against President Obama
Tea Party Puppet Masters exploited Sarah Palin’s “hotness” to get people riled up against President Obama

FreedomWorks used its influence in the GOP and its money to exploit Sarah Palin’s desire to becoming a political Kim Kardashian to help them build a network of mostly white uneducated farm hands and blue collar types in the south and the mid-west to get a handful of people elected to U.S. Senate and Congress much like what you see in Wasilla, Alaska.

If you read the comments from Tea Party activists on social media, it seems to be working.

Take the Real Patriots of America, they state on their Facebook page their page is A gathering place for TRUE red blooded American Patriots – Conservatives ! No POS liberal trolls. No whiny ass cry babies – Liberals, you will be banned.”

Another group of armed “Patriots” called the Oath Keepers which is a 21st Century incarnation of the Militia movement from the 1990s. Yes, the same militia movement that inspired Oklahoma City Bomber Timothy McVeigh to blow up the Federal Building in Oklahoma City announced they are “going operational“.

Many of these Oath Keepers like Kenny Cox of Imperial, Missouri write things on Facebook like:

“POS liberals posting your lies and trash. We the people are fed up with you liberals. Keep pushing and see what happens”

“You low life pos dog fuck cock sucker. You are are pos fag loving asshole who hates the constitution. Go fuck yourself you Jack off pussy. In person, I would have already knocked your teeth into the back of your head. Fuckin pussy”

In other words, do it our way or we’ll bust a cap in your educated liberal ass. So much for loving liberty and the Constitution they claim to cherish so much. Sounds more like Nazi thuggery.

As much as I and other bloggers want to simply dismiss these people as crazy and mad. Their craziness and anger serve a purpose for the corporate overlords funding the Tea Party to get what they want.

As Josh Barro points out in Business Insider they’ve been pretty effective at it. Barro writes after receiving the typical alcohol fueled hate mail we all get from Tea Partiers,

“When I get mail like this, I laugh and I get fodder for an easy post. When Republican members of Congress get mail like this, they get scared.The people whose letters I’m printing below are literally the people Republicans depend on to re-elect them to Congress. Keeping these people happy is their job — which is why the Republican Party has become so inept and crazy.”

As a former history professor and political whore for lobbyists, Dick Armey knows that rich people have always stayed on top and profited by dividing middle class white people from black people and having a black President makes it easier to do it especially with aging baby boomers and seniors who grew up during segregation. I know from having a blog that it’s pretty easy to rile up uneducated white folks in rural America especially in the mid-west or the plain states.

Another great book I had to read while receiving my “Liberal Indoctrination” at university in suburban Detroit was Coup d’Etat: A Practical Handbook by Edward Luttwak.

In it, Luttwak writes that you don’t necessarily need a mass uprising or even the military to stage a coup. All you need is a handful of agitators in the government apparatus to overthrow the government. Luttwak writes,

“If a coup does not make use of the masses, or of warfare, what instrument of power will enable it to seize control of the state? The short answer is that the power will come from the state itself…a coup consists of the infiltration of a small but critical segment of the state apparatus, which is then used to displace the government from its control of the remainder.”

What Luttwak wrote 45 years ago is exactly what is playing out in Washington right now. The Tea Party has not only hijacked the Republican Party but has hijacked the very Constitution they claim to cherish. Don’t kid yourself, this is a coup attempt by a handful of fascist thugs who don’t care about freedom just their own personal wealth and power. They’re willing to manipulate and do whatever it takes to fill their pockets even destroy the greatest nation in the history of mankind to get it.

Sorry, Tea Partiers but you’ve been played for suckers by crooked politicians like Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin and Rand Paul who want to whore themselves out to people who want to profit from your misery.


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