Now You Can Find Out What Realtors Don’t Want You To Know About Your Dream House

New website lets you know if anyone ever died at your house
New website lets you know if anyone died at your house

Have you ever wondered if the dream house you are think of buying was ever the site of a drug deal gone bad, a gruesome murder-suicide, or if someone ever just keeled over from heart attack in it?

At the dismay of some potential home buyers who have read one too many Stephen King novels or have nightmares of evil toy clowns coming to life like in the movie, Poltergeistmost states don’t require a seller’s real estate agent to inform you if there was ever a death in the home you are thinking of purchasing.

There was a case in Pennsylvania earlier this year where judge summed up Pennsylvania law which is almost identical to most states.

“If the murder/suicide cannot be considered a defect legally, or if the Sellers were under no legal obligation to reveal this alleged defect, there can be no liability predicated upon the failure to so inform…Today, we find that psychological damage to a property cannot be considered a material defect in the property which must be revealed by the seller to the buyer. Thus, each of Buyer’s issues on appeal must fail.”

California is this the only state that requires sellers to disclose any knowledge of a murder, suicide or death.  With California being California, naturally a cottage industry of groups performing exorcisms on homes has become a billion dollar industry.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait until after you purchase your home to find out the grizzly details from neighbors or the need to hire someone to perform an exorcism thanks to miracle of the internet.

 Now you can know before you buy and get all the details at Just like the name suggests, the site will tell you who, if anyone, has died in your dream home.

Property investor, Roy Condrey started the site after one of his tenants told him he believed the rental property was haunted.

After finding out that its hard to find out such information, Condrey told the Houston Chronicle. “It’s harder to find things like this out than you think,”

So being a smart entrepreneur, Condrey began the site to help potential homeowners who are concerned about such things.

Condrey didn’t expect the negative reception from Realtors because without realizing it, he costs them money on what they call “stigmatized properties”.  Condrey says he’s just providing a needed, legitimate service to the public because death on-site can reduce a property’s value by 15% to 25%.

Condrey says he has begun seeing some realtors coming around to the site and even running searches on their own.

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