Snyder Allegedly Grew Tired Of Andy Dillon And His Family Shenanigans

Michigan Treasurer Andy Dillon's battles with alcohol have become a statewide embarrassment.
Michigan Treasurer Andy Dillon’s battles with alcohol have become a statewide embarrassment.

Michigan Treasurer Andy Dillon has handed his resignation to Governor Rick Snyder today and according to the Motor City Muckraker, Dillon stated,  “It has become clear to me – as it likely is to most – that it is unfair to my family and the residents of Michigan, to allow issues related to my recent divorce and the unfortunate acrimony associated with it to be a continued source of media attention and scrutiny.

With his re-election 13 months away, it’s apparent that Rick Snyder didn’t need the soap opera that Andy Dillon’s life has become over the past 18 months becoming a political liability and therefore privately asked for Dillon’s resignation or Dillon saw the handwriting on the wall.

Life was good for Andy Dillon.  He had a beautiful wife and four kids. He was a rising star in the Michigan Democratic Party as Speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives. That was until he lost the Democratic Gubernatorial Primary in 2010 to Lansing Mayor Virg Benero. He was recruited by Republican nominee Rick Snyder to be Michigan Treasurer after the election. Dillon’s life began a downward spiral to the gates of hell to fight his demons.

In March of 2012, Dillon’s wife of 21 years filed for divorce and Dillon began sleeping in hotel rooms and crashing on the couches at homes of his Lansing friends.  The divorce was finalized this past spring.

In May, it was revealed that Michigan Treasurer Andy Dillon checked himself into an alcohol treatment facility in suburban Detroit to seek treatment for his problem with alcohol that was beginning to not only endanger his life but affect his job performance with rumors began floating around that he was intoxicated when he signed the contract hiring Kevyn Orr as Detroit’s Emergency Financial Manager.

In July, a Wayne County judge garnished Dillon’s paycheck as Treasurer for failure to pay child support.  According to court documents, Dillon owed his ex-wife, Carol Owens-Dillon nearly $5000 for three months of child support.

As that issue finally died down, it was soon discovered by Detroit media that nearly $100,000 is unaccounted for from three of the campaign accounts Dillon used for his unsuccessful run for Governor in 2010.

Then last month, Dillon’s alleged girlfriend, Amy Hichez sued Carol Owens-Dillon for libel for posting on her Facebook page that Dillon and Hichez were having an affair when she and Dillon were still married.

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