Legal Cat Fight Breaks Out Between Michigan Treasurer’s Ex-Wife And Alleged Mistress

Michigan Treasurer’s life over the past six months has resembled the 1980s TV soap, Dynasty.

Stories began to surface about his hard-partying days in his old Michigan House District.

Andy Dillon is also being accused of being a deadbeat dad.

In addition, Dillon was accused of having nearly $100,000 in unaccounted funds in his campaign accounts.

His ex-wife, Carol Owens-Dillon also claims he roughed her up. The former Mrs. Dillon claims the Michigan Treasurer threw racial slurs at her about her African-American boyfriend.

Andy Dillon’s longtime aide Amy Hichez is suing Carol Owens-Dillon for libel.  Hichez alleges Owens-Dillon posted that her ex-husband and Hichez had an affair on her Facebook page.

Hichez filed a libel lawsuit against Owens-Dillon. She claims that her relationship with Dillon always has been professional and that:

 Owens-Dillon damaged her reputation when she falsely alleged on the Internet that Hichez and Dillon were having an affair.

Owens-Dillon also fired back claiming Andy confessed to her that the two were in love. Dillon’s estranged wife also claims that Hichez:

Made entries into Mr. Dillon’s official State of Michigan calendar where plaintiff reminded the treasurer of the State of Michigan that she was ‘40 and still hot.

You can read the initial complaint and the Owens-Dillon’s answer below. This is turning into a big embarrassment for the state of Michigan.

Dillon Catfight

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