Its Time For Donald Trump’s Kids Ivanka & The Boys To Do Another Idiocy Intervention 

Donald Trump Grumpy
The spoiled rich kid turned megalomanic, Donald Trump

In response to New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s $40 million lawsuit against Trump claiming Trump University was a scam, Donald Trump claims that the lawsuit was orchestrated by President Obama when the two met last Thursday.

Trump told his pals on Fox and Friends show on Fox News:

Think about it. What government in the history of this country has ever brought a suit on Saturday? I never heard of such a thing…They obviously did it very quickly, but probably Obama – maybe this is a mini IRS. Maybe we have to get the tea party after these people because this could very well be a mini IRS.”

Trump’s reference to the “IRS scandal” is a reference to claims by Tea Party wackos and GOP Congressional leaders that the IRS was jerking around Tea Party groups. As the website Gawker points out, “It’s worth noting that Trump’s “mini IRS” statements are in reference to a “scandal” that turned out not to be a scandal at all, at least not in the way Trump is presenting it.”

Schneiderman did admit having a meeting with the President but claimed Trump was never discussed, “The president and I have much more important stuff to talk about that Donald Trump,”

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