My ever flowing diarrhea of hate mail and the crude comments.

You asked for it, so here it is, my hate mail.

George Zimmerman’s Fan Base Of Angry Paranoid White People

My piece about boycotting the Orlando theme parks over Trayvon Martin generated some interesting feedback.

This one piece of hate mail from Jim Johnson, an iron worker from Montana who commented on the Boycott Bank of America Facebook Page claims Martin got what he deserved because Martin was a Peeping Tom and was high on drugs that he somehow injected into the Skittles he had in his pocket:

“He got his justice, the skittles are used to inject drugs into, he was going from house to house looking in windows, he could’ve walked away when confronted but chose to attact! Zimmerman was within the law and his actions were justified! If it was me he would not have broken my nose before i stopped him!”

This hate mail message from Michelle Romanello Denise shows she actually believes the made up stories she reads on Facebook from her friends:

“Sooo…are we ignorant because we’re white? Or because whether or not we agree with the verdict, we don’t stand behind these bullshit protests when there are so many more sick injustices…What about the restaurant that was lite on fire after someone wrote Kill Zimmerman on it. Or the waiter who got hit in the face with a hammer after trying to stop a protester from breaking a window. Or shit like this. Zimmerman went up against the Sanford police over a homeless black man who got the shit kicked out of him and they did nothing. But y’all claim racial profiling? Really?”

This Guy Graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Helen Keller School of Grammar

William Purpaholic Saunders who apparently went to the Helen Keller School of Grammar thinks there is a conspiracy afoot:

“you guys are fucking ignorant!!! can u see obama and the media is trying to stirr up a hornets nest and all you fucking people who can’t think for themselves are quick to jump the gun. people die every day in much worse circumstances and you never hear it on the news.. trayvon was a thug probably would have been a career criminal or dead anyway and zimmerman is a fucking reject who overreacted and is gonna get buttfucked by some guy named butch sooner or later.. this is a fucking distraction from what’s really going on n that’s all the tension in the middle east , iran , and the corruption of this admin that is currently being exposed… what will boycotting florida do really how ignorant is that good people will suffer because of those transgressions.. but the state will never go bankrupt we have too much cocaine it will allways have is in the green. florida is one of the few states that actually have an excess of money and is not in debt..”

Fire Fighter From Traverse City, Michigan Thinks Linda Orlans Got a Raw Deal

MFI-Miami’s victory in keeping a mentally challenged man in his home after an illegal foreclosure by foreclosure queen Linda Orlans was met with utter contempt by self-professed Traverse City Fire Fighter Monte Kaye Rindlisbacher from Buckley, Michigan:

“Bull fucking shit… the libtard left wing fuckers are. All you jackasses want to do is take from people and give to others who are not worthy! FUCK YOU!”

Tea Party Enthusiast Makes Brief Comment About Detroit’s Bankruptcy

My article about Detroit’s bankruptcy costing U.S. taxpayers more than it should because Congressional GOP leaders are too cowardly to rein in the ignorant Tea Party brought this brief and poignant hate mail message from Tea Party Enthusiast Bruce Toker who is a big fan of The Association of Mature American Citizens:

“Fuck You!”

All Hail, Trump!

My article about Donald Trump being sued by the New York Attorney General for $40 million alleging Trump University was a scam brought this from Dee Kunz on Facebook who believes Trump’s claim that he is being shaken down:

“The AG is a SCAM they fine and regulate companies so they can collect money while destroying companies and businesses that hire people. I have seen first hand the trumped up… pun intended, phoney alligations they make against individuals and companies to get them to agree to pay payments of huge amounts if they want to stay in business. If trump did do something so bad why dont they just shut him down and protect the people? Because that would close the bank! for future withdraws. this is how agencies like the epa,irs, dep, etc. go after companies, This how the gov makes their money off You. And gets paid to hold back advancement and politicaly motivated.”

Are Detroit’s Problems The Result Of A Muslim Conspiracy?

Gilbert Freeman comments on Facebook about my article on how Detroit’s bankruptcy is a symptom of a bigger problem facing Michigan:

“They allowed all those non-working muslims to overwhelm their economic system. The muslims call it economic jihad.”

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