Judge Garnishes The Paycheck Of Michigan Treasurer Andy Dillon For Not Paying Child Support

Andy Dillon 2
Michigan Treasurer Andy Dillon has had his paycheck garnished for not paying child support.

A Wayne County judge has garnished the paycheck of Michigan Treasurer Andy Dillon. Court documents show he has failed to pay $5000 in child support to his ex-wife.

It is unclear why Dillon who makes $174,000 a year as Treasurer has been unable to pay his child support.

Dillon’s drinking could be the main cause of the problems. Dillon’s drinking problem has been an open secret in metro-Detroit for nearly a decade.

Dillon has a reputation of trying to impress shot girls and waitresses with his drinking prowess. The former state representative would slam shots of Grey Goose at Sandy’s on the Beach and at Cinco De Mayo’s. Dillon’s drinking prowess is the stuff of legend in his old Michigan House district of Redford Township.

It was reported in May that Dillon checked himself into a five-day treatment center on the outskirts of Detroit.

According to Steve Neavling at the Motor City Muckraker, “People close to the treasurer told us two months ago that Dillon’s drinking was affecting his job and mood.”

Dillon’s demons with alcohol and not paying child support come as the Michigan Department of Treasury begins amassing unprecedented control over struggling local communities. Michigan Department of Treasury appointed seven different Emergency Financial Managers in four cities and three school districts since 2011.  All of whom report directly to Andy Dillon.


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