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Alexis Wiley, Fox 2 Detroit

Social worker Francine Adams is running for Detroit City Council hoping to represent District 3 on the city’s east side.

“Strong lady.  Strong character.  I admire her,” one woman said.

Adams says she wants to clean up Detroit and has launched a project called “You Don’t Have to be Rich to be Clean.”

“We don’t have to live amongst the filth and the litter that we’re being subjected to,” she remarked by phone.

So she rented a Bobcat, learned how to use it and went to work on the alley behind her house.  Video from a nearby surveillance camera shows Adams hard at work.  She hauled mattresses and tires and found a hot tub and a boat.

“We need to clean up.  Don’t let things pile up like that.  There should not be that much trash in one neighborhood,” Adams said.
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