Trump Has Become The Most Hated Man In Scotland Since Edward Longshanks

Donald Trump thought he could waltz into a small Scottish town and everyone would kiss his backside.
Donald Trump thought he could waltz into a small Scottish town and everyone would kiss his backside.

Donald Trump expected to be treated like royalty in Balmedie, Scotland. Trump wanted to build a golf course on an environmentally sensitive part of the North Sea coast.

“Is this how you rich people amuse yourselves?” -Bill Foster, Falling Down

Donald Trump decided that the small Scottish town would make a great place for a new golf course in 2006. Trump named the course The Trump International Golf Links. The golf course also had plans for a clubhouse that was and is as gaudy as Trump’s apartment in Trump Tower. The clubhouse looks like the haunted mansion at Disney World.

Not everyone in this sleepy coastal town welcomed Donald Trump. When locals started yelling, “Yankee Go Home!” Donald Trump began using a practice he used to chase his African-Americans tenants out of his buildings in New York. He started a campaign of shadowy intimidation and smear. His New York style of bullying just angered the local farmers even more.

Donald Trump Obviously Never Watched Braveheart

Trump managed to piss off the Scottish. He became the most hated man in Scotland. Polls showed Donald Trump ranked higher than Edward Longshanks as the most hated man in Scottish history. It seems like Trump never watched “Braveheart”.

Fighting between the locals and Trump soon became intense. So intense, the Scottish government had to intervene. According to the UK Guardian:

What has unfolded since Trump announced plans for his resort has resembled a circus to which we have all been granted a ringside seat. The development has elicited implacable opposition and the row has engulfed Aberdeenshire council, the Scottish government, two successive first ministers, several environmental groups and the media.

The development was only given the go-ahead after the Scottish government overruled the local council. It was an unprecedented action. The original decision was based on a belief that the economic benefits were simply outweighed by a multitude of environmental concerns. Not the least of these was that a stretch of beach within the development was an area of special scientific interest. The interaction between sand and tide had long been identified as being of unique global scientific value in the study of coastal erosion.

Independent Filmmakers Begin Documenting The Fight

British independent film director Anthony Baxter grabbed a camera and a film crew and headed north to Scotland. British media’s treatment of Donald Trump made Baxter suspicious. Baxter documented the self-proclaimed Billionaire 18-month attempt to bully Scottish farmers into submission.

The residents of Aberdeenshire lost the fight to stop Trump. Yet, they won further victories in the form of global recognition. You’ve Been Trumped earned Baxter 10 major industry awards.

Michael Forbes also received Scotsman of the Year from the Scotsman newspaper. Forbes was one of the first to fight Donald Trump and became the group’s defacto leader.

A Scottish filmmaker James Trosh also posted his short film, “Fighting Trump” on Youtube. Trosh’s film also shows Trump blatantly lying to local townspeople and the people who opposed him.


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