It’s About To Get Intimately Acquainted With A Couple Of Entrepreneurs Who Want to Turn It Into A Wine Bar

Paul Beshouri, Curbed Detroit

Burnt-out garages are found in every part of the city, but this charred heap has a date with destiny: Detroit, meet Alley Wine, the aspiring wine bar in an alley. Turns out, wine bars don’t typically go in alleyways, even in prosperous Midtown. That’s what the City of Detroit thought, at least initially. It took David Knapp and Lynne Savino twenty months (and the backing of some Midtown higher-ups) to persuade the city that, while a good space to keep broken bottles and unwanted cats, the alley between Alexandrine and Selden could effectively be used as an access point for a bar.

Despite the zoning victory, the garage has seen exclusively better days. A fire ate up the roof sometime in the past, leaving he structure leaning in a few directions. One of the garage’s four bays is missing its alley-facing wall entirely, and what brick remains doesn’t look like something you’d want to stand in, or under. Now that Knapp and Savino have convinced the city that Alley Wine deserves to exist, they now must coax this structure into something even greater than its original purpose: housing wine, food, music, and merriment. Obviously, their work has just begun.

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