More Proof Conspiracy Theorists Like Alex Jones Is An Idiot As Detroit Masonic Temple Goes To Tax Foreclosure

Conspiracy theorists like radio host Alex Jones would like to make you believe that there are secret organizations like the Freemasons that are controlling your life like some real life version of the Matrix.

Something happened in Detroit that throws a serious monkey wrench into Alex Jones’ theory about the Freemasons.

Detroit’s Masonic Temple, one of the largest Masonic Temples in the world has become the property of Wayne County, Michigan. Wayne County took possession of the property failed to pay property taxes equaling nearly $152,000.

Wayne County began tax foreclosure proceedings after the temple failed to pay the 2010 property taxes. Under state law, owners have two years to catch up.   The court orders foreclosure the following April. However, there is a loop hole in Michigan law which allows the former temple owners to bid at the tax auction. Thus, they have the potential to buy the property back.

However, before the temple goes to auction, state, city and county governments would get a chance to buy it. The building will go to auction with a starting bid of $160,000 assuming there is no interest in the property.  In the event it doesn’t sell, the temple would go to a second auction in October where the starting bid would be $500.

Conspiracy Theorists Don’t Understand The Fundamental of Business

In April 2010, the Masonic Temple ended a deal with Olympia Entertainment who managed the property.  Olympia Entertainment is owned Mike Illitch. Illitch also owns the Little Caesar’s Pizza empire, Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Tigers.

Olympia officials state the firm had invested millions in the facility. They had also paid off and restructured the debt of the building’s owners. However, they decided to part ways with the Masonic Temple Association.  As a result, this parting is what led to the current situation.

The building was built in 1920. It is also the largest Masonic Temple in the world.  The temple is now home to the Detroit Derby Girls Roller Team.

The building is 550,000 square feet with the temple’s Masonic Theatre seating 4,404 people. The theater has been a stop for generations of touring Broadway shows and other events.  The building also comprises of two ballrooms, office space, dining rooms, bowling alley and a barber shop.


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