Didn’t Realize She Was Taking Responsibility For The Debt

Rick Rousos, NewsChief.com

When Sharon Little moved to Polk City in 2005 from International Falls, Minn., she went from the freezer into the fire — in more ways than one.

Little, 60, was burned to the tune of about $40,000 in a convoluted 2010 real estate deal on a mobile home. She thought she was buying a mobile home and lot for $22,000. Instead she bought the home; property; and, unbeknownst to her, a $20,000 mortgage attached to it.

Real estate lawyers say buying a debt is a common problem with people who buy mobile homes. And buying property involved in bankruptcy or a short sale frequently is more complicated.

Anyone who sifted through Little’s pile of paperwork on the property she is now losing “would need a law degree to figure out what’s happened. People couldn’t do it on their own,” said Peter Munson, a Lakeland lawyer who reviewed the file for The Ledger.

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