Car Salesman Turned Congressman Roger Williams Can’t Seem to Balance The Budget For His Business

Car Salesman Turned CongressmanCar salesman turned congressman Roger Williams (R-TX) insisted that companies and individuals must balance their budgets “every single day.”

Williams lectured Americans during a day-long hearing about Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) spending plan with the House Budget Committee. Ryan claims that the GOP claims will balance the federal budget within 10 years.

Ironically, Williams’ car dealership has at least $2.5 million in debts.

According to Think Progress, Williams lectured members of Congress by saying:

We have to have a balanced budget. I have to balance my budget. Everybody in America has to balance their family’s budget or their business’ budget, not every ten years, not even every single year, but every single day…. If we apply the same principals to families and businesses use every single day we will ensure that America’s best days are ahead and we will stay the most powerful country militarily and economically.

However, this would contradict the financial statements that Williams had to file as a member of congress.   Williams’ financial statements for his Chrysler dealership in Weatherford, Texas show he is nearly $2.5 million in debt and therefore by definition does not “balance” it’s books every year.


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