Patchwork Of Global Insurgents Declare War On Big Brother

Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami

“Freiheit Sterbt Mit Sicherheit”

The exploits of a handful of Berlin Anarchists calling themselves, Camover, using the motto, “Freiheit sterbt mit Sicherheit”, or “Freedom dies with Security” has now become a global phenomenon as groups around the world join them in hitting the streets to smash and dismantle the CCTV surveillance cameras adorning street posts in major cities around the world.   Dressed in black ski masks and balaclavas and usually working in pairs, the movement quickly spread throughout Germany, to Finland, Greece and is now hitting the U.S. West Coast.

The participants post videos and and photos of their exploits on internet sites like Youtube and other social networking sites.  The founding members of the German group gave a playful interview to Vice U.K.

Organizers claim,

“We’re a diverse group of people: Shoplifters eluding capitalism who don’t want to be monitored, passengers who don’t want to followed step by step and anarchists fighting everything that wants to control us. The state needs the power of surveillance so that we all feel that “He” is there and knows what you’re doing. We’re fighting for the freedom to live independently, so let’s start by smashing some cameras!”

Survaillance GuerillasA group from Seattle identifying itself as “the Barefoot Bandit Brigade” released a statement on the Camover website claiming,

“We have removed and destroyed 17 security cameras throughout the Puget Sound region. This act is concrete sabotage against the system of surveillance and control. It is also a message of solidarity and a wish of strength to the Seattle Grand Jury Resisters, those currently incarcerated and those not. Finally, this act announces our participation in the game of CAMOVER, called for by comrades in Germany.”

According Vice UK, Camover wasn’t just content with giving municipal and regional governments a massive headache on their own, so they recently announced a competition encouraging others to get involved,

“All you have to do to enter is think of a name that begins with the words “Brigade…” or “Command…” and that ends with the name of a historical personality, recruit a mob and smash up cameras. Then you send pictures and video evidence to their website, and they declare the winning footage. The competition ends on February 19th – coinciding with the European Police Congress in Berlin, a time for top bacon from the whole continent to come together and discuss tactics while eating doughnuts and telling each other about how they’re “too old for this shit”.


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