Paola Iuspa-Abbott, Miami Daily Business Review

Robo-signers, who broke court rules by signing foreclosure affidavits without personal knowledge of loans for banks, may have faded from the scene. But homeowners now are dealing with a similar lender’s representative who they claim infringes on their right to due process.

South Florida foreclosure defense attorneys object to the breadth of records introduced in foreclosure trials by business custodians of record, dubbing them “robo-witnesses.”

The problem seems more prominent in Miami-Dade Circuit Court, where the court has placed a priority on pushing stalled foreclosure cases to trial. By late last year, Miami-Dade had 47,738 pending cases.

Defense lawyers claim circuit judges are under so much pressure to close cases that some are neglecting people’s right to a fair trial by allowing witnesses who may not be legally qualified to testify on behalf of lenders.

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