Brittany Wallman, Sun Sentinel

Had things gone her way, Larraine Best’s trike would be parked at her condo right now and she’d be living the relaxed life of a beachfront snowbird.

Instead she’s become embroiled in a federal case over a parking space.

Best’s fight isn’t just another squabble between a retiree and her condo board. This one’s being handled by Broward County‘s attorneys, paid for with public funds.

Broward County civil rights investigators believe the disabled woman’s rights were violated by Summit Towers in Hollywood, where management refused to let her park her three-wheeled, hand-controlled motorcycle – what she calls her “trike” — in her condo parking space. The condo doesn’t allow motorcycles in its garage.

“I’m very disabled and I’m very vulnerable,” Best said Thursday. “But they don’t care.”

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