Glenn Beck Wants To Build Town Resembling An Ayn Rand Version of Disneyland In Imaginary Glennbeckistan

Right-Wing Radio phenom Glenn Beck wants to build Glennbeckistan in Colorado. He wants it to resemble some warped version of Disneyland if it had been created by Ayn Rand.

On Saturday, I posted an article about how a group of wealthy Ayn Rand groupies wanted to purchase a park from the City of Detroit. They want to turn the island park into an offshore tax haven and base it’s governance on the philosophies of Ayn Rand.

Now right-wing media entertainer, Glenn Beck announced his dream of an Ayn Rand Fantasyland.

Beck made his fortune attempting to emulate Orson Welles by passing off his entertaining rants and conspiracy theories as news. He now wants to build “Independence, USA”.

Amateur connoisseurs of Welles will tell you Beck resembles the Amazing Criswell than the artistry of Welles.

Beck unveiled his dream on his show that is coincidentally only available on his multi-media website, TheBlaze.

Beck in typical fashion gets all weepy during the presentation. He used to do this on his Fox News Channel show.

Glennbeckistan Is For Rich White Dreamers. No Others Need To Apply

Beck refers to it this way, “This is Galt’s Gulch. This is where dreamers go.”

Galt’s Gulch was the secret hiding place in Colorado hid in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. Governance in Glennbeckistan will be based on the philosophies of Ayn Rand. However, Glennbeckistan will look like a modern Disneyland. The town will have similar kitsch architecture and an opening gate resembling the entry at Ellis Island.

Beck claims it will be a tribute to Walt Disney. He also claims Disney lost his vision to commercialization.

Beck also points out that, “Independence, USA wouldn’t be about rides and merchandise, but would be about community and freedom.”

He also says the central themes of Independence, USA would focus on “education, independence, entrepreneurship, and apprenticeship.”

Glennbeckistan would have a multi-denominational chapel modeled after “The Alamo” and unlike in “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure” this one will more than likely have a basement.

It will also contain a film studio. Beck wants to live out his fantasies of being Orson Welles by making his “Mercury Movies”

Unfortunately, for Beck it sounds like he never watched Welles’ masterpiece, “Citizen Kane.” However, if he did, he failed to comprehend it. Beck’s utopian vision of Glennbeckistan is more like Kane’s Xanadu rather than Galt’s Gulch.


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