Hey, Michigan GOP, Better Luck Next Time, Douche Bags!

Steve Dibert, MFI-Miam

If you tried accessing the MFI-Miami site earlier today, my apologies because the site was down.

No, it wasn’t down for anything boring or mundane like maintenance.  The MFI-Miami site was apparently hit by a cyber attack that appears to have  originated in Lansing, Michigan around 10am this morning.  I suspect that it was from right wing elements associated with or within the Michigan Republican Party.  Right before the attack, I received an email from my hosting company about a problem with an article I posted on Friday titled “MI GOPers Ram Thru NRA Friendly Kid Killing Gun Law Like One CT Gunman Took Advantage Of”  

Within minutes after receiving notification of a problem from my hosting company, the safety protocols of the hosting company’s server went into effect and shut the site down.  This is one of the signs of a cyber attack.

MFI-Miami’s IT people and the hosting company were quick to respond and were able to work together to restore the site without any loss of information and no damage.   I’m just thankful it was American hackers who did this.  If it had been hackers from China or Russia, the MFI-Miami site would have been down days or weeks.

Sorry for the inconvenience but it appears members of GOP can’t stand the heat of the situation they created or they don’t like being called out for acting like the minions of a Banana Republic Dictator by passing legislation behind locked doors and riot police.

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