Ben Hallman, Huffington Post

In the days after Hurricane Sandy devastated coastal New York and New Jersey, the nation’s mortgage companies were quick to offer sympathy to those whose homes — and lives — were wrecked.

“If you were harmed or if you know someone that was harmed, please feel this virtual hug that I’m sending your way right now,” a writer for Quicken Loans said on the company’s “Zing!” blog, which offers customers “amazing insights on money, home and life.”

Another Quicken blogger sent “thoughts and prayers” to East Coast storm victims.

But words of support, say some people who live in storm-ravaged neighborhoods, haven’t translated into what they most need: a temporary break from paying their monthly mortgage bill while they make emergency repairs, negotiate with insurance companies and apply for federal aid.

The Huffington Post spoke with five homeowners who live in coastal areas of New York City, who said that they contacted their mortgage company after the storm, and either didn’t hear back, or were offered insufficient relief — a two-week grace period, for example, or a loan suspension with a lump sum due in a few months.

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