Foreclosure Mill Operator David Trott Appears To Be Committing A Rogue Foreclosure Against A Former Green Beret

Traverse City/Detroit – On November 15, 2012, Steve Dibert, President of MFI-Miami, an internationally recognized leader in investigating mortgage fraud called on Detroit based foreclosure mill operator, David Trott to end what MFI-Miami believes to be a rogue foreclosure against Jeffrey Reed of Cedar, Michigan. Jeffrey Reed is a former Green Beret and combat veteran from Operation Desert Storm. Attorney Jason Jenkinson of Traverse City is representing Jeffrey Reed.

This nightmare began for the Reeds when JPMorgan Chase agreed to give them a loan modification in September of 2010. When Mr. Reed made the third payment of the modification agreement, JPMorgan Chase, N.A returned the payments. They gave no explanation and instructed Trott to immediately foreclosure against them. Meanwhile, they were informing the Reeds they had nothing to worry about.

Discussions between the Reeds and JPMorgan Chase went on for over a year. On October 1, 2012, JPMorgan Chase N.A acting as a servicer for Fannie Mae filed an eviction lawsuit. The Reeds were served with the suit while attending the funeral of Mr. Reed’s mother in Louisiana. Jeff Reed requested Trott adjourn the hearing for two weeks until they returned to Michigan. Trott refused. The firm claimed JPMorgan Chase and Fannie Mae would not allow it. This later turned out to be a lie.

MFI-Miami Has One Question. Why Is David Trott Jerking Around A Hero?

MFI-Miami questions the way David Trott’s firm handled this foreclosure and the eviction. MFI-Miami President Steve Dibert explains,

“First, if this mortgage is owned by Fannie Mae as Trott’s firm alleges, when did Fannie Mae acquire it because it’s not showing up on Fannie Mae’s database?  Also, Fannie Mae Announcement 8-12 from May 23, 2008 specifically states that:

“Fannie Mae is at all times the owner of the mortgage note, whether the note is in Fannie Mae’s portfolio or whether owned as trustee, for example, as trustee for an MBS trust. In addition, Fannie Mae at all times has possession of and is the holder of the mortgage note…In order to ensure that a servicer is able to perform the services and duties incident to the servicing of the mortgage loan, Fannie Mae temporarily gives the servicer possession of the mortgage note whenever the servicer, acting in its own name, represents Fannie Mae’s interests in foreclosure actions”

Therefore, I believe the Sheriff’s Deed dated September 23, 2011, the Affidavit of Purchaser dated the same day and the Quit Claim Deed filed by Trott & Trott on behalf of JPMorgan Chase N.A. to Fannie Mae dated February 20, 2012 are all fraudulent. Even if the Quit Claim Deed was deemed legitimate, it would be invalid because Trott & Trott on behalf of JPMorgan Chase failed to pay the Michigan Real Estate Transfer Tax.”

About MFI-Miami

Headquartered in Boynton Beach, Florida and with an office in Milford, Michigan, MFI-Miami is an internationally recognized leader for investigating mortgage fraud, mortgage compliance, predatory lending and mortgage securitization.  Contact Steve Dibert at 888-737-6344 ext. 701 or email for more information.

About Jason Jenkinson

Jason Jenkinson is an attorney with the Northern Michigan Law Center in Traverse City who specializes in foreclosure defense and loan modifications for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgages.  For more information visit or call Jason Jenkinson at 231-421-8050.


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