Michigan Democrats Propel Fraudclosure Operator’s Sister Lisa Brown To Victory

Michigan State Representative Lisa Brown has won her race to be the next Clerk/Register of Deeds in Oakland County, Michigan. Brown is known for an outburst on the floor of the Michigan House. She screamed at Republicans, “to stay out of her vagina.”

She beat current clerk Bill Bullard 53.36% to 46.24%. 

Brown spent nearly $100,000 to win. Brown’s brother is multi-state foreclosure mill operator Randall Miller. Yet he contributed very little to his sister’s campaign. Most of her money came from the Michigan Democratic Party or Democratic Party special interest groups. Independent PACs also spent tens of thousands of dollars on Brown’s behalf.

Why the Michigan Democratic Party invested money and time into Lisa Brown is unknown. Brown did nothing as a member of the legislature. She sat silent when it came time to debate foreclosure reform last year as a member of the House Judiciary Committee. A series of GOP-sponsored foreclosure bills that passed the legislature last year benefited her brother.

Robo-signing At The Office of Randall Miller

MFI-Miami has been collecting affidavits with questionable signatures recorded by Miller’s firm with Register of Deeds offices across Michigan. The MDP knew of Randall Miller’s involvement in Robo-signing in March. The party encouraged Brown to run anyway. In addition, they enticed her with campaign cash. Yet, MDP Chair Mark Brewer knew her brother is an Albatross around her neck.

This seems like this is a textbook play by Mark Brewer and the Michigan Democrats and the same strategy they have used repeatedly for 20 years. They focus on the next election instead of the future stability and growth of the party. Brewer goes after deep-pocketed questionable donors like Randall Miller regardless of how they make their money.

Lisa Brown may have won her election for Oakland County Clerk/Register of Deeds but what happens in 6-12 months? Brown’s brother will not be immune to the liability of this litigation and the fact that Lisa Brown knew about his involvement in robo-signing and did nothing as either a member of the House Judiciary Committee or as Register of Deeds may force her to either resign or be recalled in 2014.

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