Freeloading Homeowners Should Invest In Some Plywood and Cardboard If He Wins

Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami

Since the U.S. Presidential race has heated up after Labor Day, All I’ve heard from the so-called foreclosure activist crowd is that they are all voting for Romney or the Libertarian candidate former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson.

There are multiple reasons why they are promoting an anti-Obama message.  The first being self interest.  They know that after 3 1/2 years, banks are have come to the realization that they need to work with homeowners.  If this continues there won’t need to be a need for foreclosure activists or the need for them.   Most of them won’t be able to continue to mislead people by claiming to be “Activists” when in reality they are selling foreclosure rescue services for as high $3000 to unsuspecting homeowners as experts because Neil Garfield, who has no background in mortgage or finance, ordained them one after they paid him $700 to attend one of his 4 hour seminars.

If Romney wins, they know the gravy train will continue because it’s no big secret Romney is no friend of the middle class or the average American consumer.   So in other words, they look at Romney as their meal tick

Then you have the clueless types who believe all the histrionics and misinformation of the Neil Garfield/Carol Asbury groupies put out that claim the Obama administration is at fault because they haven’t been given a free house.  They also believe they’re entitled to imaginary reparations for the emotional stress the recession has caused them.   But then again, these are also the same people who believe the billboards all over Florida showing Obama kissing the ring of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia claiming that today’s gas prices are some how the direct result of some conspiracy between Obama and the Saudi royal family.

Here’s a perfect example.  About two years ago, I received a call from a homeowner in Florida inquiring about MFI-Miami.  They chose not to hire me because I told them I will only work with homeowners in foreclosure if they have legal counsel.  They felt they could play DIY lawyer and we parted ways.  Three months later, I found out the Broward County judge threw out the foreclosure.

Then this past Labor Day, I received an email from them asking me to be an expert on their case.  Thinking this had already been resolved, I asked some more questions about it and find out they apparently found a lawyer in Miami who was willing to represent them in a $40 million contingency lawsuit against Deutsche Bank for emotional distress.  Yes, even though they had been living in the house without making a mortgage payment or paying the taxes for nearly 30 months, suffered no monetary damages or significant out of pocket expenses, they believed they were entitled to $40 million because some ambulance chasing attorney craving free publicity told them they could.

After a lengthy email exchange, they told they were planning on suing the federal government after they sued Deutsche Bank.  I drove by the house the other day and they now have poster of Obama with a Hitler moustache above their garage and a Romney/Ryan yard sign in their front yard.

The one key element that binds these people together is the fact that most of these “activists” have been living in their house for free for 18-30 months with their servicer paying their property taxes.   Yes, this is in part due to Obama, the same guy they call a crook, a lap dog for the banks and the many other things they call him on social media.

It’s no big secret that HAMP and HARP were designed to help the banks more than homeowners when the banks were facing roughly 10 million homeowners going into default in March of 2009 but that doesn’t mean that homeowners didn’t benefit.  They did and many got to stay in their houses payment free for as long as three years.  Yes, people did lose their homes but it wasn’t because of Obama.  It was because they weren’t acting in a rational or responsible manner while living in the house for free.

Were they putting the money they were saving from not making the mortgage payment aside? If they were not, why? Usually the answer is they’re unemployed or think they’re entitled to a free house.  Either way, they can’t be saved because if they are not making if they’re unemployed or have no income how are they going to make a modification payment? If they believe they’re entitled to a free house, then they’re living in a fantasy world because home ownership is not a birth right, it’s privilege.

So homeowners if you want to spit on Obama and blame him because you got a free ride in your house anytime in the past three years or if you are still in your house and haven’t made a mortgage payment in at least 6-12 months, by all means vote for Romney but you might want to take the money you’re saving and invest it in some plywood and some old cardboard boxes because come spring you’re going to need it to construct a new home under a freeway over pass.  A Romney administration will end all those programs you’re taking advantage of and will start gutting consumer protection laws.  Don’t believe me?

It’s already starting to happen in places like Florida and Michigan.  In Florida, the GOP has already attempted twice in three years to convert Florida from a judicial foreclosure state to a non-judicial foreclosure state.  In Michigan, the GOP controlled Supreme Court has ruled that a shadowy organizations like MERS can legally foreclose on your home and the GOP controlled legislature has already shortened the post foreclosure redemption rights on properties.  A Romney victory on Tuesday will only embolden the GOP to do more.

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