The company that holds the mortgage on land where a developer wants to build a strip club has filed suit

Lidia Dinkova, Miami Herald

The parcel on the JFK Causeway where a developer wants to open a strip club is once again in hot dispute.

This time, Sunbeam Realty President Ed Ansin, owner of next-door neighbor WSVN-Channel 7, is looking to foreclose on the mortgage.

Last year, Ansin appeared in a televised video speaking against the strip club, and several of his on-air reporters showed up at a North Bay Village meeting to persuade planners not to approve the plans.

Now, his company is taking legal action.

Sunbeam Realty filed a foreclosure lawsuit Aug. 10 in Miami-Dade County. About a week before filing suit, Sunbeam Realty acquired the property’s mortgage, records show.

Isle of Dreams bought the land for $1.3 million in 2004, and it took out a $4.8 million mortgage in 2008, according to Miami-Dade County records. But the developer has defaulted on the mortgage, Sunbeam Realty argues in the complaint.

As the new mortgage holder, Sunbeam Realty says in lawsuit documents that it has demanded all payments due under the note, or $4.8 million plus interest and other fees, from Isle Of Dreams. The developer has not paid, according to the complaint.

“We view this as a litigation tactic by Sunbeam and intend to vigorously defend our rights in the courts,” Isle of Dreams Manager Scott Greenwald said.

WSVN and Sunbeam declined to comment.



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