If Lisa Brown Wants To Lead, She Better Make The Hard Choices

 Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami

Milford, MI – On October 15, 2012, Steve Dibert, President of MFI-Miami, an internationally recognized leader in investigating mortgage fraud and mortgage backed securities fraud has called on State Representative Lisa Brown (D-West Bloomfield) who is currently running for Oakland County Clerk/Register of Deeds to denounce what appears to be robo-signing and notary fraud involving her brother, Randall S. Miller’s foreclosure mill law firm located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

In May of 2012, MFI-Miami exposed what appears to be at least four different and distinct signatures attributed to attorney Jason Canvasser on notarized affidavits drafted by employees of Miller’s firm that were filed with Register of Deeds offices throughout Michigan. The signatures on these documents attributed to Canvasser do not match the signature supplied to MFI-Miami by his attorney Stephen Ormond in June of 2012.  Canvasser is a former associate at the Law Office of Randall S. Miller.

Steve Dibert sees a potential ethics issue for Lisa Brown, “If Lisa Brown gets elected Clerk/Register of Deeds and forged documents are discovered to have been filed in Oakland County by her brother’s firm, will she uphold her oath not only as clerk but as a member of the Michigan Bar, and report such findings to the proper law enforcement and regulatory agencies?”

On October 10, 2012, MFI-Miami published an investigation that contains what appears to be blatant notary fraud committed by Miller’s client, OCWEN Financial Corporation on documents filed with Register of Deeds offices in Jackson County and Macomb County. OCWEN filed two notarized mortgage assignments in Michigan that contained the forged signature of Leticia Arias an employee at OCWEN’s corporate headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida. It appears her signature was forged by another notary at OCWEN by the name of Naomi Smith. Leticia Arias who allegedly signed these documents as a representative of MERS and as a representative of JPMorgan Chase had her notary privileges revoked by the state of Florida in November of 2011 due to accusations of notary fraud.

The discovery of alleged signature fraud prompted this response from Foreclosure Defense Attorney Kelli Meeks of Level One Legal Services, “The continued and blatant disregard for the most fundamental rule of law is really no surprise considering the total lack of respect these organizations have to any legal authority.”

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