I Love The 1st Amendment and My Hate Mail

Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami

WOW! Did I get bombarded with drama and hate mail last week.  

My article  about business owners demanding their employees vote for Mitt Romney generated some interesting responses from nutty right-wingers:

“this article is written in great bias and Prejudiceadd taken out of contextthe writer is extremely misleadingand I am ashamed to be affiliated with firefighters.for the writer to think that we are so stupid makes my stomach turn.”
Okay, I get it if he thought the piece was biased but why would he be ashamed of being affiliated with firefighters? I think this guy read a different article.
This one is a classic.  This guy named CheyDee accuses of me of being a black racist who hates white people on a website called City-Data.com:
This person claims to know something about me that even I didn’t know:
“Commie Faggot! You and commie fag liberal friends like to pick up boys at rest areas. you probably prase Alla you unAmercan cocksucker!”
WOW! I didn’t know I was gay.  Besides, my gay friends tell me any respectable gay man would not pick up another man at a rest stop. What’s an “Amercan”?
Now this guy is either drunk or suffers from angry white man syndrome:
“I hope you burn in hell along w/ yur muslim anti-christ ni**er pal Obama. You worthless piece of shit.  Too shay you George Soros  loving Zionist F*ck!”
My article about Michigan State Rep. and Oakland County Clerk Candidate Lisa Brown generated some interesting drama.  Not only did her supporters email me but her staff started harassing political friends of mine and began treating politics like it was an episode of Beverly Hills 90210.
Before I share the hate mail I received over it.  I want to clarify a few things that Lisa Brown and the Michigan Democratic Party aren’t telling people. Lisa Brown knew the information I had about potential notary fraud and robo-signing at her brother’s foreclosure mill in July of 2011.  I first wrote about it in February of this year.  You can read the article here.  This was long before the May filing deadline and this article received nearly 4500 hits from Michigan and I know Lisa Brown knew about it because friends of mine who worked for the House Democratic Caucus (Brown currently sits on the Judiciary Committee) asked me about it because she was physically sick over the article.
On May 13th, before the filing deadline, I wrote about more evidence of robo-signing that MFI-Miami had uncovered at her brother’s foreclosure mill.  You can read that article here.  Because of this article she was forced to switch the focus of her campaign away from her original focus of foreclosure/mortgage fraud and instead focus on other issues which is why she orchestrated the “STAY OUT OF MY VAGINA” stunt.
I then wrote about Randall Miller again a month later in mid-June when I received an asinine letter from Stephen Ormond that you can read here.  I then wrote about it again before her August primary on July 28th.  You can read that article here.
I did not pull an “October Surprise” as leadership of the Michigan Democratic Party and Brown’s campaign are alleging.  Lisa Brown and the MDP leadership knew about Randall Miller and that it could create a potential conflict of interest for Brown if she got elected and they chose to run her for Clerk/Register of Deeds anyway.
With that said, on to the hate mail.
Liberals don’t write as entertaining hate mail as I get from crazy right-wingers but they do use better grammar in their letters.
“You’re a misogynistic asshole! I bet you troll mail-order bride websites because you can’t get laid!…You probably believe women should be barefoot and pregnant.”
I know some gay activists who will disagree with this person’s claim:
“You’re the reason women become lesbians”
I’m not understanding this woman’s logic.  I feel bad for her if she thinks it’s my fault she can’t find a job:
“It’s neanderthals like you that keep women like me from getting a decent job.”
This one came from someone who was over 50 years old.
“You should be ashamed of yourself.  You’re no better than Joe McCarthy with your smear campaigns!”
This person probably never read anything I wrote about Linda Orlans or David Trott who I write about more frequently and who are major contributors to the GOP.
“All you do is rag on Democrats and liberals.  You’re just a GOP propagandist.”
Okay, I admit, I rag on people but usually it’s only the people who are trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes.

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