Ray Wojtowicz Needs To Remember Dead Homeowners Are Like Dead Interns, They Haunt Politicians On Election Day

Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami

As many of you who follow my blogs know, I had a client named Lynne Lucas, who passed away in February from cancer.  As she was battling cancer she was also fighting to keep both Fannie Mae and Bank of America from taking her home.  Lynne’s dying wish was to keep the fight for the house going long enough to so she die knowing she was not going to homeless while battling cancer.  She also made me promise to tell her story to other people and use it as an example of one simple concept, “You can’t win against these bastards if you don’t fight them.”

Thanks in part to her attorney, Bill Maxwell and the international media especially the crew from Korean Broadcasting, who by the way made Timothy Myers from Orlans Associates run from the courthouse to his car in October of 2011, holding his man parts like a little kid who has too pee and can’t hold it, we were able to keep her in her house  until she died in February.  For those of you still wondering, her son and boyfriend have continued this fight nearly 7 months after her death.  Bill Maxwell and I refuse to let “these bastards” win.

Fox 2 News Headlines

Last night, Fox2 in Detroit ran a similar story as Lynne’s about a single mother from Detroit who is battling two different cancers, her mortgage company as well as the Wayne County Treasurer who has put her house up for tax auction this week.

Parker told Fox2:

“Three weeks ago, I was diagnosed with brain and lung cancer and it’s to the point where they want to do brain surgery tomorrow, and I just found all this out.  So them trying to evict me out of my house and sell my house, I’m not going anywhere.”

The trouble began for the mother of two when bought the home in 2005.  The small two bedroom bungalow on Detroit’s west side was Parker’s dream home.  A place to raise a family.   Unfortunately like most people during the housing boom, Parker took out a adjustable rate mortgage and when the recession hit she lost her job and now had to deal with an increased mortgage payment and the home went into foreclosure.  She owes about $12,000 dollars in back taxes.

She was then informed she had liver cancer.  Being unemployed she applied to the state of Michigan for assistance and while the state dragged their feet Kelly’s cancer was slowly travelling to her brain.  Now, the cancer has spread to to her brain which is means her prognosis for beating the cancer is slim to none.

According to doctors, I don’t have much time, so at least my kids will have a house,” Parker told Fox2

Kelly Parker was hoping her disability checks would kick in with enough time to buy the house from the county.  Parker is hoping to take advantage of a loop hole in Michigan law.  If she buys it from the county at tax auction her mortgage would disappear.  If she simply pays the back taxes, her lender can come back and evict her.

In order to dissuade potential investors from purchasing her house at the auction, Parker covered it with graffiti saying,

“The city decided that they were putting it up on auction, so I made it to the point where nobody would want me to buy it.”

Instead of complaining about the eyesore, neighbors are pitching in by helping.   They are in the process of starting a fund to help Parker and have started a Facebook page called Help Kelly Parker.

A number of people have attempted to call Wayne County Treasurer Ray Wojtowicz to remove Parker’s house from the auction and work something out with her but he has not returned phone calls.

I strongly encourage everyone to call Ray Wojtowicz at (313) 224-5990 and remind him that as an elected official and as a sworn Democrat he has an obligationto help the less fortunate among his constituents.

Like Lynne Lucas, Kelly Parker is planning on being defiant until the very end.  Last night she told Fox2,

“This is our house and we’re not leaving.  I mean, good luck because you’re not going to get it,”


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