Linda Orlans Screws Up. Will Fannie Mae Have To Pay A Homeowner For Her Screw Up?

Linda Orlans and Fannie Mae may be forced to pay a homeowner’s attorney fees. Judge Paul Stutesman in Michigan ruled that Fannie Mae lacked the legal standing to evict Robin Roberts from her home .

Orlans Associates failed to disclose to the court that their client had sold the mortgage note prior to the eviction. They attempted to foreclose in Fannie Mae’s name. Yet, Fannie Mae had sold the debt and the house back to Bank of America.

Questions arose during the case about how Linda Orlans’ firm handled the foreclosure. Orlans attorney, Marshall Isaacs’s signature on the affidavits connected with the Sheriff’s Sale appear to be forged.

Roberts and her attorney produced a copy of Marshall Isaacs’ mortgage and warranty deed to his primary residence. The two signatures don’t match. MFI-Miami obtained a copy of Isaacs’ mortgage from the Oakland County Register of Deeds last year.

Roberts MarshallIsaacsAffidavits

Here’s a copy of the warranty deed and mortgage on his home in Farmington Hills, Michigan:

Marshall Isaacs Mortgage

Michigan Judge Spanks Linda Orlans

The Saint Joseph County Treasurer informed Roberts that Bank of America owned her house, not Fannie Mae. Bank of America had also been paying the taxes.  Therefore, Fannie Mae could not evict Roberts. They were not the proper owner of the property when Roberts’ redemption period ended.

It appears Fannie Mae launched their own internal investigation. Presumably, the GSE found serious flaws in the way Countrywide Home Loans originated and underwrote the file.  Fannie Mae then forced Bank of America as successor to Countrywide to buy back the loan.  Orlans as the law firm representing both entities failed to record an assignment or a deed from Fannie Mae to Bank of America. The foreclosure mill proceeded with the eviction as if nothing had happened.

Attorney Elizabeth Messing from Orlans was forced to admit that Fannie Mae no longer owned the property after being confronted by Judge Stutesman. Linda Orlans then sent one of her top gun attorneys, Timothy Myers to the final hearing. Myers made some asinine argument that ownership didn’t matter. Myers was sent in to control the damage and failed miserably.

Making Myers drive the 3 hours from suburban Detroit to southwest Michigan to make an asinine argument like that was futile because Judge Stutesman dismissed the eviction lawsuit with prejudice meaning Fannie Mae cannot return to court to evict Robin Roberts.  The court also ruled that Fannie Mae is liable for Roberts’ legal bill to her attorney, William Maxwell.


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