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Someone is really afraid of my reporting. A day after I published a news report about a New Canaan women’s battle to save her over leveraged real estate investments from community banks who want her homes auctioned my news site suffered a DDOS attack. Dreamhost, the company I host this site with, said it was a sophisticated hacker attack using hundreds of thousands of auto page visits to try to crash the server. It brought the site down for three days, a lifetime for a breaking news reporter like me, but Dreamhost got the site back up Sunday afternoon.

DDOS attacks are a criminal offense in America but catching culprits who use hidden IP addresses and software to run the attacks are really hard to find. I don’t know if the community bankers were so worried about some of Steve Dibert’s insights into ways banks setup homeowners to fail or one of the other subjects of my investigative reporting (who are often sued for fraud or arrested) were so pissed off they decided to hire a hacker to break the law and briefly shut me down. (New Canaan trader Mitch Vazquez, with years of experience in running an online broker dealer, would be my first guess but of course there is no way to prove it.)

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