BofA Then Threatens Employees With Termination If They Speak To The Media

Chad Tucker, Fox 8 Greensboro, NC

High Point Police say a man believed to be mentally ill and making suicidal and hostage threats forced the evacuation of the Bank of America call center Friday afternoon.

“He was very irate when he called [911], making some comments about being blown away, his soul and he wasn’t afraid to die,” said Capt. J.T. Stroud of the High Point Police Department.

The unidentified man, made the threats from the parking lot, first by phone to 911 and second by text message to his wife who works inside the building on Piedmont Parkway.

“Everyone was frantic, screaming and yelling” said employee Hasin Graham who went to his car after being evacuated.

“Everybody just started leaving, running out the best way they could whatever exit they could find,” said Graham.

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