Ira Kantor, Boston Herald

penny saved was a penny earned for one Mendon grandfather — toward a milestone mortgage payment.

Back in April, Thomas Daigle brought in more than 62,000 pennies collected over 35 years in two steel boxes weighing about 220 pounds apiece, to Milford Federal Savings and Loan, which he used to make his final mortgage payment.

“We were brought up to pay our bills. You’re raising two young children and you’ve got a moderate income,” Daigle, 60, told the Herald. “We were very proud we could get the mortgage payment paid and I lived long enough to see it done.”

Daigle, owner of independent optical store, Joseph and Thomas Opticians in Milford, said he never had any interest in collecting. The grandfather of four made all preceding mortgage payments by check.

Daigle said he hit upon the idea of making a mortgage payment with pennies not long after securing a 25-year mortgage for his first home in Milford, which he purchased for $136,000. The mortgage was later rewritten when Daigle moved up the street to 35 years.

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