More Proof Michael Redman of Fame Is An Idiot

Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami

empty headedUp until yesterday I only suspected that convicted felon Carol Asbury’s propagandist, Michael Redman, was an idiot.   After all, he fell for her bullshit and even lied for her by telling people he started and owned the website, so Asbury couldn’t be accused of violating Florida Bar rules by using the site as a marketing tool for her law firm.  This is as she confessed to conning low income Latino immigrants into being straw buyers for million dollar homes by abusing No-Doc loan programs and turning the posh town of Wellington into a squatters paradise, he tried to convince people she was set up by the government. which by the way, is now owned by Civil Justice Advocates, a law firm that took over Asbury’s practice when she went off to hang out with the surviving members of the Manson Family in federal prison.

Well yesterday, Michael Redman just confirmed he is a total and complete idiot and God help Lisa Epstein if he’s giving her campaign advice in her bid for Palm Beach County Clerk.

Here’s what happened.  Yesterday, Redman decides he’s going to chime in about how Wells Fargo seized and stole money out of the bank accounts of the financial website, ML-Implode because Wells Fargo didn’t like what blogger, Martin Andelman, wrote about them and about how they drove California homeowner, Norman Rousseau to suicide.

As everyone on the blogosphere wrote posts supporting Aaron Krowne and ML-Implode about on this including me, Richard Zombeck at the Huffington Post, Yves Smith at Naked Capialism and Barry Ritholtz at The Big Picture.   Redman decides to attack ML-Implode with some crazy logic that only exists in the whacked out minds of his so-called “Citizen Warriors” of Florida.   He starts the article by saying,

ML-Implode, which is one of the sites around the net that has chronicled the various screwball acts of lenders and the real estate business in general over the last many years was banking with one of the firms that not only was involved in making many of these loans itself, but which absorbed Wachovia — a firm that was selling CDS on its own deals — as well?

This is some sort of a joke, right?

Well, apparently it isn’t. And it points out why we’re seeing no effective recourse against these banksters in the market — even those who are pointing out how nasty and reprehensible the acts of various firms might be in the opinion of the authors, they are still doing business with the same people who they publicly don’t like!

This just shows how ignorant Redman is of the world outside his bubble of his “Citizen Warriors”.  He believes that Aaron Krowne is a hypocrite for banking with Wells Fargo.  A bank that ML-Implode allows Andelman to criticize.   He then goes on to reiterate his claim that Aaron Krowne is not only a hypocrite but is retarding bank reform for banking with Wells Fargo,

“I have shake my head at this story and will simply note that as long as sites and site operators that are involved in trying to bring common sense into the political and bankster debate intentionally and willfully do business with those very same banksters there is little if not no hope that actual change will ever take place.”

Redman is entitled to his flawed opinion but this just shows his ignorance when it comes to doing business internationally. ML-Implode like MFI-Miami, have to bank with the larger banks or less we would be waiting forever for our money.   Just ask Huffington Post Blogger Richard Zombeck who had to wait nearly 8 weeks for a wire transfer from France.

Redman’s characterization of ML-Implode as some website chronicling, “the various screwball acts of lenders and the real estate business in general over the last many yearsjust shows how ignorant Redman is of the industry he claims to despise and the events that happened before he began working for mortgage fraudster Carol Asbury.

Like an Evangelical Christian who believes that nothing existed prior to 4000 years ago and that The Flintsones are based on true events, Redman believes no one was fighting mortgage fraud before he began his Carol Asbury funded public relations tour with Lisa Epstein pretending to be the Wonder Twins of South Florida.

Where as Aaron Krowne started ML-Implode in 2006 during the early days of the meltdown when Redman was a car salesman selling overpriced TruCoat to Toyota buyers like Jerry Lundegaard from the movie, Fargo.

Since its inception, ML-Implode has become a must read for anyone in finance or foreclosure defense.  Some of it’s followers include the above mentioned bloggers as well as white collar crime expert and blogger Sam Antar, finance journalist, Teri Buhl and for former BBC Financial Reporter and host of the Keiser Report on RT, Max Keiser, members of the White House staff, the SEC, and staff members of Chancellor of the Exchequer of Great Britain.  These are just a few.  Can Redman make the same claim?  It’s highly unlikely.  He probably doesn’t even know who any of these people are.

Unlike Redman, who thinks he deserves credit for discoveries he had nothing to do with like robo-signing and notary fraud, Aaron Krowne and his army of contributors were uncovering multi-million dollar fraud schemes against FHA.  Aaron personally suffered the slings and arrows that go along with exposing that fraud. Something that Redman has yet to endure.

Here’s what Aaron Krowne had to say about Redman’s opus:

“We were planning on moving the account, but that sort of thing is not the highest priority when you have to spend most of your time doing things like fighting frivolous SLAPP suits, and the account has virtually no money left in it anyways.   Of course there is no reason to expect that any of our ‘haters’ — who are actually sympathizing with Wells Fargo — would have the ability to understand that.”

All Redman is doing with his editorial is firing off a stinger missile from the doorway of his glass house and make himself look like an ignorant douche bag.  What he failed to think about before trying to act like the Foreclosure Rescue God he believes himself to be is that the hypocrite card can be tossed back at him.

After all, he is a mortgage advocate who not only had financial dealings with but hosted a radio show with a foreclosure defense attorney who plead guilty and was convicted for mortgage fraud.    If you look at the Google Ads that he posts on the majority of them are for banks and mortgage lenders like Bank of America, Greenlight Loans and Freedom Mortgage.  So who’s the hypocrite, Michael?

The truth is Redman and Epstein have accomplished nothing in their nearly three years of playing the Wonder Twins except give people a lot of bad advice and make the job harder for the people who have been successful at keeping people in their homes.   That very well may be what their intent is.

When I worked in Democratic Party politics back in the 80s and 90s, we despised working with activist groups because you could never please them.  You would write legislation based on their cause and work your ass off getting it passed and it would contain 99% of what the activists wanted but they would bitch about the 1% they didn’t get.  You soon learn that they don’t want the legislation to pass because then they have nothing to protest.   This logic applies to the foreclosure activist movement in Florida.  Michael Redman doesn’t want homeowners to be successful in getting their mortgages tossed because then he would have to go back to work selling cars instead of getting paid for being a malcontent.

Unfortunately, Redman and his friends are not the experts they claim to be.  They simply can not annoint themselves as an expert because they went to a four hour Neil Garfield seminar. An attorney who has not stepped into a court room in close to 20 years.   What this band of “activists” should be called are opportunists.  They play on people’s fears with false and histrionic blogs and pretend to be activists when in reality all they are trying to do is profit from their misfortune.    These same group of idiots tries to make that claim against MFI-Miami but there is a big difference.  One, my staff and I are considered experts in out field.  Why? because we worked in lending and finance.  After all, as Paul Atreides said,  “A process cannot be understood by stopping it. Understanding must move with the flow of the process, must join it and flow with it.”  In other words, you can’t understand lending if you never wrote loans.

Unlike Redman who pretends to be something he is not, MFI-Miami doesn’t pretend to be a non-profit by using a .org in our domain.  MFI-Miami has always promoted itself as a for-profit enterprise.  These same band of idiots also like to accuse me of being “too expensive.  When in fact these activists are charging $2000 for a Neil Garfield computer generated audit that doesn’t tell you anything.  This is nearly 2-3 times what MFI-Miami charges for an audit that a skilled attorney can use to actually save someone’s home.

Redman doesn’t allow people outside of his circle to post comments on because he’s afraid it will lead to people asking him questions that will make him look stupid.  He instead takes the attitude of a Chinese Emperor who shields himself from the outside world.

Mikey, it’s time for you to go back to the breakfast table and eat your Life cereal because you and your website are not ready for big leagues.


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