FORECLOSED: Fraudster Scams MFI-Miami Clients. Now They Face Losing Their Home.

MFI-Miami Clients Pablo and Guadalupe Bocardo appeared in the Northern Express.

Patrick Sullivan, Northern Express

This is the first of two stories about an Elk Rapids couple who encountered a mortgage modification scam artist. They wound up on the brink of losing their home. This week, the Express looks at how becoming victims of fraud caused Pablo and Guadalupe Bocardo to have their home foreclosed. Next week, we will look at the efforts of attorney, Jason Jenkinson, to fight Fannie Mae to get their house back.

Pablo and Guadalupe Bocardo have had some rotten luck in the past couple of years. They fell victim to notorious fraudster Tasha Winstanley.

They wanted to modify the mortgage on their Elk Rapids home. 

However, their mortgage servicer foreclosed on them.

Fannie Mae bought their home at a sheriff’s sale. However, the Bocardos didn’t know anything was wrong. That was until their lender served them with eviction papers.

Bocardos miraculously remain in their home.

That’s thanks to a little bit of good luck. They found an attorney who has been able to stave off eviction and foreclosure. He has been able keep their case alive. 

The Bocardos ordeal began when they enlisted the services of a woman who claimed she could work out a better deal for them on their mortgage.

Winstanley scammed least 60 or 70 people across Michigan.

Tasha Winstanley Said She Had Our Back 

Bocardos heard about Tashia Lynn Winstanley on the internet. As result, it sounded like she was one that could help them.

They wanted to lower their monthly payment. However, to do that, they needed a mortgage modification.

Pablo told the Northern Express:

We went to her and she said she could help us.

They needed to put their trust in someone because they realized navigating the world of mortgage modification is complicated. In addition, banks and mortgage companies are also opaque and the process is complicated. It also hard to understand. In addition, the language of real estate finance for a regular person may as well be in Czech.

Pablo also told the Northern Express:

(Winstanley) said she had our back. She would always tell me not to worry and she had our back. I believed her.

Tasha Winstanley Scammed MFI-Miami Clients 

Bocardos’ realization they were a victim of fraud unfolded in a series of occurrences. Those occurrences just did not sit well for the Bocardos.

The Bocardos’ mortgage payment had been $1,200 prior to working with Winstanley. However, Winstanley began making them pay $1,400.

Winstanley also told them they owed more because the bank believed they were a higher risk. In addition, the “high risk” was because they had missed a payment. Guadalupe now believes must have been lost in the mail.

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