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About three weeks ago I posted an article about how Michigan State Representative Lisa Brown’s brother, Randall Miller and his foreclosure mill, Randall S. Miller and Associates allegedly engages in the practice of robo-signing. I posted five samples of affidavits that are allegedly signed by former Randall S. Miller & Associates attorney Jason Canvasser with what appear to be five very different and distinct signatures.

Jason Canvasser Signatures

The response to the article was amazing with nearly 1500 people reading it after it went viral.  Of that 1500 readers, about 200 were from Oakland County, Michigan where Lisa Brown is currently a candidate for Oakland County Clerk/Register of Deeds.

On Wednesday, I received this letter from Stephen P. Ormond, a partner in the firm of Kuplian, Ormond & Magy, Jason Canvasser’s current boss.

Canvasser Libel Letter

After receiving this, I naturally called several media friends as well as attorneys I work with.  They all told me that Ormond was blowing smoke and it was apparent that neither he or Jason Canvasser actually read the article before sending me the letter threatening letter.  Their conclusion was I never wrote Canvasser was involved robo-signing and that Canvasser’s claim is based on his perception of innuendo possibly brought on by what may or may not have happened during his tenure at Randall S. Miller & Associates.  It is also apparently neither Stephen Ormond or Jason Canvasser understand what robo-signing is.

Ormond also tried to make the asinine claim that some how posting something recorded at the Register of Deeds is some how “unprivileged publication to a third party”.  Now I don’t know Stephen Ormond nor have I ever met the guy but from the tone of this letter it sounds like the guy expects everyone to kiss his ass because he went to law school and is a partner in a law firm.

His threats make him sound like he and Marshall Isaacs  from Orlans Associates received their law degree off the same side of milk carton. If you remember, Marshall Isaacs tried to make the same claim last year when he went crying to the Farmington Hills Police.

Also, since Ormond’s comment about these signatures seemed kind of vague, I asked for a clarification.

Canvasser Letter

So today, Stephen Ormond responded with this letter.  He even threw in a nice gift.

Canvasser Libel KOM Response

Not only is Ormond claiming that all these public documents were indeed signed by Jason Canvasser, he even had him sign his name.  Now you be the judge.  Does Jason Canvasser’s signature on the document dated June 8th match the five different affidavits?  Is he the signer?  You decide.  My opinion is that either Randall Miller’s office has a robo-signing problem or Jason Canvasser is lying.

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