But They Don’t Hold The Mortgage

Mike Lyons, First Coast News

John Delaney of St. Augustine is bewildered, wondering why a mortgage company not his own changed the locks on his home without his knowledge.

John Delaney drove in from Chicago Wednesday night and went to open the door of his second home condo in St. Augustine. The key didn’t work. He got in through the back screen door, which fortunately in this case he had forgotten to lock.

“I discover there is this sticker here saying that the locks were changed at the request of my mortgage company, I couldn’t figure out why, I am current on my mortgage.”

Delaney spent 5 hours on the phone with LPS Field Services which changed the locks at the request of Chase Financial. But Chase is not his mortgage company.

“I was a little uncomfortable that people have been in my house. I don’t know what is going on. Everything is clean so I don’t know if people have been using this house for something or what.”

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