And Yes, I’m Excited That They Made The Huffpost

Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami

I’m pretty excited right now that three people who have helped MFI-Miami become internationally recognized were honored by the Huffington Post in their list of the 25 Most Dangerous People In Financial Media.

#14  Sam E. Antar

Sam has been a fan of mine since I asked him if I could post one of his quotes about the psychology of white collar crime back when I formed MFI-Miami back in 2008.  He retweets a lot of my articles about mortgage fraud and modification scams.  He usually answers my emails if I have questions about securities fraud or if I suspect someone is cooking their books.  Sam deserves the recognition because he has opened the eyes of a lot of people about how white collar criminals think.  Growing up Catholic, I do have to disagree with him one issue, I don’t think he’ll burn in hell when he dies like he thinks he will.  Sam, if you’re reading this I want to buy you a beer next time I’m in New York.

#3 Teri Buhl

I met Teri through Aaron Krowne, the operator of the website, ML-Implode about six months ago and now she helps keep me from being sued for libel.   She has no problem calling me after reading one of my articles to tell me what I should change in my piece.  She and Richard Zombeck from the Huffington Post and Home Preservation Network have become my two senpai of journalism.

#1 Max Keiser

Max is my hero.  He has no fear to tell it like it is with his sarcastic wit.  He does on camera what aspire to do with a lap top.  My friend, Robin Postell a former writer for Soldier of Fortune magazine thinks my writing style resembles Hunter Thompson and should write more like Thompson than try to imitate the on air exuberance of Max Keiser.

Max likes to link to my articles about MFI-Miami fisting the major bank in court.  He especially likes when I do it to arch-nemesis, JPMorgan Chase.  For some reason, he didn’t link to one of my favorite articles when I threatened to donate money to the  pro-pedophilla group, NAMBLA, the National Man/Boy Love Association in Jamie Dimon and JPMorgan’s name.

If you can find it, check out the episode when he did an impression of Jamie Dimon as Fagin from Oliver Twist.  It had me in laughing for hours.

Who I’m surprised Didn’t Make the List

Aaron Krowne, ML-Implode

ML-Implode was started in 2006 when the financial crisis was in its infancy and only a handful of people saw it starting.  Since then, ML-Implode has exposed multi-million dollar fraud scams against FHA and helped keep the financial industry in check.  ML-Implode is a must read.    The majority of people who made the Huffpost list read it 4-5 times a week.

“Jessie” At Jessie’s Cafe Amercain

If you want to know what is really going on Jessie’s Cafe Amercain is a must read every morning.  “Jessie” understands the the market from a global perspective which is hard to find on American based websites and media outlets.

Felix Salmon from Reuters

Felix’s optimism shows in his writing and it is the reason why I like his style.  As David Letterman once said that Charleton Heston could make the ingredients of soup sound interesting, Felix Salmon does with financial information.

Felix Salmon is an Englishman who doesn’t blog or write like an stereotypical English finance writer. Most English financial writers dress like the politicians from Stanly Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange from 1971 and spout outdated Thatcheresque dogma from the 1980s while trashing Americans as if they live high atop some Ivory Tower like Edward Longshanks.




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