JPMorgan Chase Refuses To Give 78 Year Old Hero A $9000 Principal Write Down

JPMorgan Chase, like their competitors, has been attempting to improve their public image with an American public who blames them for the recession.   In order to show their commitment to some of the hardest hit segments of economy, JPmorgan Chase has reached out to African-American communities across the U.S. by starting a public relations campaign to help “fulfill” the “vision” of Martin Luther King Jr. to coincides with Black History Month.

Now that campaign is turning into a public relations nightmare for the banking behemoth. Chase is now threatening to foreclose on 78-year old, Helen Bailey, a former Nashville area Civil Rights activist who stood up to police attack dogs, tear gas and fire hoses for her god given rights.

Ms. Bailey couldn’t keep up with her mortgage payments and attempted to refinance with another mortgage company and would work with her to let her stay in her home until she died.  The only thing she asked from Chase was a $9000 principal write down.

Chase refused and now are threatening to foreclose and evict this hero of one of the darkest times of American history.

According to, Civil rights leaders like Princeton Professor Cornel West have stepped up to support Ms. Bailey,

“I strongly support my dear sister Helen Bailey. Her struggle for justice is legendary. I stand with her.”

Activists have received 35,000 signatures on an online petition asking JPMorgan Chase to accept an offer to purchase Ms. Bailey’s home from a private buyer for fair market value which is $9000 less than what is owed.

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