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“It’s about integrity” Secretary of State Candidate Ruth Johnson 6/22/2010

This past spring, I wrote about how Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson vehemently campaigned for “open government” and “government integrity” in her election race last year.  When Johnson wasn’t constantly pounded her chest preaching about government integrity, she was painting her opponent Jocelyn Benson as a leftist militant who wanted to undermine state government but what Johnson wasn’t saying is that she was taking  substantial campaign contributions from Linda Orlans and her daughter Alison who run a multi-state foreclosure mill.

If you are a regular reader of this site, you will know that Orlans’ law firm, Orlans Associates is the home of nationally recognized robo-signer Marshall R. Isaacs.

MFI-Miami has found hundreds of fraudulent documents with forged Marshall Isaacs signatures and forged notary signatures filed by Orlans Associates in Oakland County under Ruth Johnson’s tenure as Oakland County Register of Deeds along with hundreds more filed across the states of Michigan and Massachusetts.

Coincidence? Hardly.  Its not as if Johnson didn’t know this was going on before she began her quest for Michigan Secretary of State.  She was alerted to the kama sutra of Marshall Isaacs signatures as early as December of 2009 long before she started her Joe McCarthy style witch hunt against Benson and other Democrats because two idiots decided to form a fake “Tea Party” party.  Even in the past several months her office has been questioned and been notified about fraudulent notary signatures found across two states on documents notarized by Orlans employees in two states.

Linda Orlans' $4 million house foreclosure fraud helped pay for.

Since Ruth Johnson took her oath of office as Secretary of State in January, the robo-signing exploits of Marshall Isaacs and the filing of mortgage assignments and affidavits with bogus notary signatures by Orlans in two states has been written about by bloggers and journalists across the country.  Orlans Associates is currently under investigation by Attorneys General in both Michigan and Massachusetts and her firm is named as a defendant in lawsuits filed by two counties in Michigan claiming that as the attorney for dozen mortgage servicers, banks, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, her clients failed to pay tens of millions of dollars in county and state real estate transfer taxes from 1998 to 2010.  Several months ago, Orlans, Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley were forced to pay an undisclosed settlement to a Michigan National Guardsman because they violated the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, by illegally foreclosing on his home and evicted his wife and children while he was dodging IEDs in Iraq.

So when I was forwarded the above invitation to the soiree hosted by Linda Orlans for Ruth Johnson, I was a bit surprised.  Ruth Johnson can’t claim political naivete when it comes to the activities of Linda Orlans’ law firm because she is not a political novice.  She has been a fixture in Oakland County politics for nearly 25 years. She served as an Oakland County Commissioner and a state Representative before becoming the Oakland County Clerk/Register of Deeds in 2004.  She know how money flows in Michigan politics and who the people with deep pockets are.  So unless Ruth Johnson lives in an Ivory Tower on Bizarro World, she is doing one of two things, turning a blind eye to the fraud going on in the system or has no problem actively participating in the  financial genocide against middle class families across America.

Sources close to the event say that Ruth Johnson pocketed about $50,000 from Linda Orlans and her friends on Monday.  Sources say other foreclosure mill operators were in attendance as were Linda Orlans friends from Americans For Prosperity (the fake non-profit started by the Koch Brothers) all of whom gave quite generously.

Lansing Political Consultant Joe DiSano summed it up the best by saying,

“Now we know the price of Ruth Johnson’s integrity.”

On another note, I had someone ask me if Ruth Johnson received the expressed written consent of the Detroit Lions and the NFL allowing her to use the Detroit Lions logo on her invitation.




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