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Back in July, MFI-Miami exposed how Orlans Associates in suburban Detroit was violating the Michigan Notary Public Act by filing affidavits and mortgage assignments at County Register of Deeds offices across Michigan containing notary signatures that did not match the Notary’s application on file with the Michigan Secretary of State.

MFI-Miami has discovered this epidemic of notary fraud was not just contained to Michigan.  With the help of John O’Brien, the Southern District Register of Deeds in Essex County, Massachusetts, MFI-Miami has discovered nearly15 mortgage assignments filed between May and July of 2010 from Orlans and that were allegedly notarized by Kelly Marie Holowecki. These signatures clearly do not match the signature on her Notary application that is on file with the Michigan Secretary of State.  These assignments also include robo-signed signatures of Michigan attorney Marshall Isaacs, an attorney at Orlans Associates.

Holowecki Notary Assignments

These fraudulent signatures violate  Section 55.287 of the Michigan Notary Public Act which reads:

Signature of notary public; statements; stamp, seal, or electronic process; effect of illegible statement.

Sec. 27. (1) A notary public shall place his or her signature on every record upon which he or she performs a notarial act. The notary public shall sign his or her name exactly as his or her name appears on his or her application for commission as a notary public.

Because the Notary signatures on these documents clearly violate Michigan law, they would be invalid under Massachusetts law.   Section 33 of  Massachusetts General Law Chapter 183  clearly sates:

Whenever, under clause (b) of section thirty or under section forty-one, a certificate of authority is required to be attached, there shall be subjoined or attached to the certificate of proof or acknowledgment a certificate of the secretary of state of the state where the officer taking the acknowledgment resides, under the seal of such state, or a certificate of the clerk of a court of record of such state in the county where said officer resides or where he took such proof or acknowledgment, under the seal of the court, stating that said officer was, at the time of taking such proof or acknowledgment, duly authorized thereto in said state, and that said secretary of state or clerk of court is well acquainted with his handwriting and verily believes the signature affixed to such certificate of proof or acknowledgment is genuine.

Essex County Southern District Register of Deeds, John O’Brien pledged to hand the information provided to him by MFI-Miami to Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, “My office has been examining the documents that have been filed by Orlans since MFI-Miami alerted us to the robo-signed signatures of Marshall Isaacs back in May. Homeowners need to be insured that all signatures on publicly recorded documents in registries of deeds need to be authentic. I will be handing MFI-Miami’s findings off to the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office to be included in their pending investigation.” 

Massachusetts Attorney Glenn Russell, who successfully argued US Bank v Ibanez and Wells Fargo v. Larace on behalf of Ibanez and Larace in front of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court last year, believes Orlans may have violated Massachusetts law as well.

In 2004, Governor Mitt Romney signed the REVISED EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 455 (04-04).  Section 5(b) which states:

“In completing a notarial act, a notary shall sign his or her name exactly as it appears on the notary’s commission.”

Glenn Russell claims that even though this Executive Order may not have the power of law per se, it is used as reference material in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Land Court Guidelines on Registered Land (Page 2) which does:

Registration districts of the Land Court should not refuse to register documents either (a) because they bear official notarial seals and stamps which are not in the form, or do not contain the content, required by said Executive Order, or (b) because they do not contain the form of certificate of acknowledgment or jurat set forth in said Executive Order, provided, however, that those documents would have been acceptable for registration before the promulgation of Executive Order No. 455.

In all seriousness, am I missing something here?

First, Orlans employees commit robo-signing which has been confirmed by several Registrars in two states.  Now MFI-Miami has discovered notary fraud committed by Orlans employees in two states.  It appears Linda Orlans, Julie Moran and Marshall Isaacs slept through their ethics class in law school.

I know, I’m as disgusted as you are by the fact this gluttonous behemoth is able to essentially assist in the financial genocide of the American middle class through immoral and unethical behavior but don’t worry their day of reckoning is coming.



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