Bill Spencer, WXYZ-TV, Detroit

At 101-years-old, Texana Hollis is completely broken hearted.

She has good reason to be. She was evicted from her Southwest Detroit home where she has lived for the past 58 years.

In a wheelchair and suffering from high blood pressure and heart trouble – neighbors say court officers kicked her out of her home and left her sitting on the sidewalk, alongside all of her furniture and belongings.

Texana’s close friend and neighbor, Laurie Ridgell says, “We don’t even treat animals like that in the city of Detroit.”

That saddest part, is that Texana and her late husband Ira Sr., owned this home outright. So it was bought and paid for.

But in 2003, Texana’s son Warren admits he convinced his mom to sign that house over to a “reverse mortgage” company in return for a sum of $32,000.

Money he claims would go to repair the house.

But that money went to more than just the house. Warren admits he bought a car, made a donation to the church and spent the remaining five thousand dollars on other things.

So where is Texana living now? Well, right now, she is being cared for at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.

She was rushed by ambulance to the hospital last night, suffering from severe anxiety.

And who owns her house? Texana’s home now belongs to HUD, The US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Multiple organizations are stepping in to try and help Texana.

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