Linda Orlans from Orlans Associates put out a press release denying Marshall Isaacs’ signature was robo-signed.

After a trip to Cadillac last week, I discovered more documents allegedly signed by Marshall Isaacs from Linda Orlans’ firm, Orlans Associates

Isaacs-Wexford County

In that same press release she also claims, “A recent review of robosigning done by a consumer advocate and cited as authoritative by a Massachusetts’ county register of deeds found no evidence or support for the allegations that Mr. Isaacs or Orlans were involved in this activity.”

Unfortunately, Linda Orlans is attempting to bullshit her way out of a disbarment and potential prison time with a press release which shows she handles her public relations like she handles her foreclosure cases.

What Linda Orlans is referring to in this press release is the investigation done by Essex County Register of Deeds John O’Brien and Marie McDonnell in Massachusetts.  Both of whom verified the investigation done by MFI-Miami.  That investigation into the robo-signing of Marshall Isaacs’ name  is now in the hands of Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley.  John O’Brien even put Isaacs on his list of robo-signers.  You can check it out here.

What is also interesting about this press release is that Linda Orlans keeps claiming to have an affidavit from Marshall Isaacs attesting these are indeed his signatures and an affidavit from a handwriting expert proving these signatures belong to Marshall Isaacs.  Yet, when asked to produce these documents by attorneys representing homeowners suing Orlans to keep their homes, attorneys from Orlans fight releasing them.  They also refuse to provide them to members of the media and refuse to allow the media to interview Marshall Isaacs.

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