Hertel refers Orlans attorney for criminal investigation

Todd Heywood, Michigan Messenger

Ingham County Register of Deeds Curtis Hertel Jr. has referred a top attorney from Orlans Associates, one of Michigan’s largest mortgage foreclosure law firms, to law enforcement for a criminal investigation of allegations of robo-signing.

Hertel tells Michigan Messenger that he referred Marshall Isaacs and examples of his signatures filed at the Ingham County Register of Deeds to law enforcement because he believes Isaacs did not sign all the legal documents. Hertel declined to identify the law enforcement agencies involved, but did note that there were at least two interested in the Isaacs case.

The Isaacs allegation were first reported by Michigan Messenger earlier this month. Authorities in Massachusetts placed Isaacs on a list of likely or suspected robo-signers based on an independent analysis by a fraud investigator. At the time Messenger reported on the Massachusetts situation, Hertel said his office was taking the allegations against Isaacs “very seriously.”

Hertel made headlines earlier this year when he discovered allegedly fraudulent documents in foreclosures. Those documents were traced back to a robo-signing firm in Georgia that has since gone out of business. As a result of Hertel’s investigation Bill Schuette, Michigan Attorney General, as well as the FBI have announced investigations into mortgage foreclosure fraud schemes in the state. Schuette went so far as to issue investigative subpoenas against out of state processors earlier this year.

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